The Perfect Time

Posted by -edz- on 2:17 AM
As I stare into the night
I try to free my mind of worries and pain
A drape of comfort and warmth soothes my senses
As I recall your warm embrace

The loneliness of darkness seem deafening
But the thought of you plays music to my ears
And as I sing along the melody
I hear your voice hum the harmony

I feel trapped in my world of ambitions and security
Each day the more I yearn for your company
Romeo and Juliet they say our romance is
But theirs’ is a story cut short too soon

Each time I take one step forward
I make two steps back
Soon after I smile
I fear for a while

Sometimes I fear to close my eyes
I just wanna drown in your eyes forever
If sleeping tonight means starting tomorrow without you
I’d rather stay awake all my life

But like a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly
And a rose that blooms in spring
Each creature has its own perfect time
And each fairytale has its ‘once upon a time’

There is always a rainbow after every rain
There is happiness waiting behind all this pain
What I ask is for you to hold on and be strong
Maybe only then can we find that ‘happily ever after’

For now I will let this love be free
If it is right, it will find its way back to where it was meant to be
And that is here with you and me

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Posted by -edz- on 9:36 PM

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