30 Things Every Woman Should Quit Doing By 30

Posted by -edz- on 2:28 PM
Here's an article I stumbled upon on the internet yesterday. The Frisky came out with a list of (as explained by the title) 30 things women should stop doing by the time they reach 30. Lets see whether you agree to this list or not.

  1. Buying clothes from the junior section.
  2. Forgetting her parents’ birthdays.
  3. Making out with her BFFs at bars for attention.
  4. Making out with her boyfriend at bars for attention.
  5. Filling her bed with stuffed animals (really, even one is too many).
  6. Carrying a torch for anyone she hasn’t seen in the last five years.
  7. Rebelling against her parents for the sake of rebelling against her parents.
  8. Declaring an entire gender “all jerks.”
  9. Holding a grudge against anyone who wronged her in high school.
  10. Skipping regular gyno exams.
  11. Going to bed without washing and moisturizing her face.
  12. Being “that person” who had a bit too much to drink at the office party.
  13. Crushing on Justin Bieber.
  14. Thinking she’s got it all figured out.
  15. Calling her father “daddy.”
  16. Engaging in sibling rivalry.
  17. Trying to get by on her looks.
  18. Living paycheck to paycheck.
  19. Expecting a man/knight in shining armor to swoop in and save her.
  20. Aimlessly jumping from job to job.
  21. Using MySpace to pick up guys.
  22. Expecting a man to do all the wooing.
  23. Wishing she had someone else’s life.
  24. Expecting everyone to drop everything because it’s her birthday ...
  25. ... or because her “boyfriend” of two weeks dumped her.
  26. Measuring her self-worth by a number on the scale.
  27. Being cheap.
  28. Quitting a job without having a new one lined up first (especially in this economy!).
  29. Blaming her mother for all her issues.
  30. Romanticizing her 20s.

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For Your Mobile

Posted by -edz- on 10:52 PM
Guess what? I got my first iPhone today at a really good price. Of course I am happy to finally have my very first touch screen phone complete with internet access anywhere I go at anytime of the day. Now, I can play around with the apps and voice memos. Exciting!

Of course every gadget needs to have their own set of accessories. Mind you, there are a gazillion sources of cellular phone, most especially iPhone, accessories out there in the market. Some of which are sold on the internet at really cheap prices, however, there are two questions you should always ask yourself before purchasing – “is the product of good quality” and “how reliable is the seller”? Remember, the internet has lots of eyes lurking around for possible preys.

Speaking of careful and secure buying, I found this wonderful website called MobileFun. It has everything – and by that I mean everything – regarding cellular phones and cellphone gadgets. They cater to all cellphone brands and models from Blackberry to Nokia to Alcatel. They also carry authentic and great quality iPhone accessories ranging from iPhone case and iPhone dock. All of which are within reasonable price ranges. I have another amazing news. If you have old cellular phones piling up in your homes, you can recycle those and actually earn money because MobileFun also purchases old phones.

I can definitely say I can shop with ease and confidence with MobileFun. They are indeed a one stop shop on the internet for they have everything available. They accept payments through Paypal and other major credit card companies such as Visa and Mastercard. All transactions with this company are certified secured and safe. Wherever you may be, worry not for MobileFun ships out products all over the world.

So the next time you want to treat your “geek” or “electronics-lover” self know that MobileFun is one of the best places to go and shop for mobile accessories.

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