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I started another blog a couple of months ago but had to wait for some time before I advertise it here. It is now a couple of months since that blog launched into the World Wide Web and has been receiving wonderful feedbacks. I was surprised to discover a couple of weeks ago that it has reached a higher page rank that this 3 year old blog. It has been amazing and I have many dreams for that blog which I want to take one step at a time.

Right now, I hope that you – my co-bloggers – visit that blog too and link it with your sites. That would be truly amazing and I would surely appreciate it. Thank you. I hope you would enjoy the entries their as much as my other visitors enjoyed them. As always, I would try my best to update it often and improve it in every possible way that it can be improved. Although I admit with my busy schedule it would be hard to keep that up but I will try my best. I hope to see you there.

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888 Let It Begin

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As we all know yesterday was the world’s biggest day. It was the start of the 17-day long summer Olympics competition, a tradition that started way back in Athens in the year 776 BC. After four years of intense training, athletes all over the world will be able to showcase their skills and compete in the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. It is the battle among the best.

As we all know, this year’s Olympics has been prepared by China since over 8 years ago. Well, that’s as far as I can remember. It was all worth it, I guess. The opening ceremony was like no other. It was incomparable. The Chinese government has put on so much time, effort, and money on this event. It was just the most expensive and majestic opening ceremony ever. They did it! The whole world was in awe with their rich presentation. Credit goes to them for a wonderful 2008 Summer Olympics.

If you ask me what team I am cheering for. Well, that’s a tough question. (Hahaha!) I guess it’s not if I can cheer for two teams, right? Go Team USA and Team Philippines. It is understandable though if most of the time I’ll be cheering for the U.S. since they are competing in more events that the Philippines. But I love them both.

And as they say, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Side note: It was also yesterday when YouTube started its 2-day 888 YouTube gathering in Canada.

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Business Card for 10-Year-Old Boy Battling Leukemia

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I’m sure some of you have heard the case of Brandon Rayner. I only knew about his story at my work last Sunday. He is a 10-year-old kid who has an acute illness. He is a bright and bubbly kid who survived a brain tumor about a year ago. Unfortunately, he was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.

This little boy has 2 final wishes. He is in search for a bone marrow donor match that would give him the miracle of another life. And a simple wish of setting a world record as the one with most business cards ever collected. For the past two years he has been collecting business cards from 3 states in the U.S. He currently has about 18,000 and is asking every one’s help to eventually reach 150,000. He is hoping to get some from outside the U.S.

KVBC/DT Las Vegas reported that Brandon’s collection also serves a practical purpose. “Because if I ever need to call someone, I have their card,” Brandon said.

Brandon’s request is a simple wish that we can all take part of. If you’d like to add to his card collection, please send your card (or piles of unused business cards) by August 15 to:

Brandon Rayner
Sunrise Children’s Hospital, Pediatric Oncology
3186 S. Maryland Parkway,
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(A customer told me last Sunday that Brandon’s wish is absurd. It would have been better if he requested to go to Disneyland. I told her, “It’s because Brandon thinks differently than children his age. That’s what makes him special. He wants to be part of history and leave this world with a mark. That’s why he’s doing this.”)

I live in Las Vegas and hope to meet little Brandon one of these days.

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Parents Forgot Their Daughter At Airport

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Summer getaways are supposed to be fun and exciting especially when you’re going to one of the world’s most popular destinations – Paris, France. Unfortunately, that is not the case for one Israeli family. The unidentified couple, along with their 5 children, was running late for a charter flight from Jerusalem to Paris last Sunday. In their hopes to catch the flight, they made a dash to the airport gate taking with them their duty-free shopping bags and 18 suitcases while leaving behind their 3-year-old daughter at the airport. (Yes, they accidentally left their daughter.)

A policeman found the child wandering in the duty-free area at Ben-Gurion airport, which is Israel’s bustling main international airport. The officer immediately alerted the airline staff; unfortunately, the airplane already left.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld reported that the parents never realized they boarded the aircraft with only 4 children until 40 minutes in the air when the cabin staff informed them. The little girl was accompanied by an airline staffer on the next flight to Paris where she reunited with her family.

Unfortunately, as soon as they get back to Israel after their European vacation, the parents would have to face police questioning for suspicion of parental negligence.

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Payday Loans Are Just A Click Away

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Got money problems? Do you have piles of overdue statements? Why worry too much? There is no more need to search for loan companies and undergo the tiresome process of background check, credit history check and so forth. Why waste time on long application processes when you can do everything right from your home. Yes! The internet is here to help make our lives easier. With the right resources, some information, then your good to go. That’s how easy and fast it is with the internet. So worry no more since the answer to your problems is just a mouse click away. Fast cash payday loans to help you manage your finances was never this easy.

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Cash Advance - Answer to Your Problems

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With the crumbling housing market in the U.S. and rising unemployment rates, people are now tighter with budgeting than ever. Cash is no longer the preferred type of payment by consumers. Plastic money or credit cards make consumers’ lives more convenient and accessible. However, credit cards have various fees such as annual fees and interest rates, and not to mention some hidden fees, that result to consumers less frequent use of them. Poor management and late payments cause consumers to be piled up with debts. Fortunately, the internet provides a number of opportunities for consumers to help them manage their finances and avail cash advance loans.

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