Earth Hour - Go and Make a Difference

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So I did my usual rounds of computer activities this morning; I checked my emails on yahoo, my friendster, and multiply. Then I realized I needed to google up something for school so, of course, where would I start to “google up” something? At Google of course! I clicked on my little Google icon then suddenly the their usual white main page was black. For a second, I thought something was wrong with my laptop or I accidentally pressed a wrong key.

I got surprised to know that even Google experiences blackouts.
*Laughing* Of course, they do.. not! It turned out that they are participating in the worldwide energy conservation effort called Earth Hour. I’m not going to elaborate on this Earth Hour for I want you to discover and learn it for yourself.
So please visit their website and click on the link: 60 Earth Hour

I’ve also posted a copy of their main page video here

Here is also how Google’s page looked like when they forgot to pay last month’s electricity bills: Google Earth Hour

Now, I don’t want to rant about global warming because I trust my readers to already know about it. Well, maybe not a lot of information about it but at least some general idea as to what it is and how it affects the entire world. Another reason why I also don’t want to start explaining is because I did researches and written papers about this major issue and if I try to share it here I might not end any time soon. (you wouldn’t want that for sure)

Let me just share with you three simple things I regularly do to contribute in the reduction of global warming:
1. Turn off lights when not in use. In fact, even unplug my laptop from time to time while using it especially when I know the battery’s already full. So pull up those blinds, open those curtains and windows, and greet the lovely sunshine! Not only will you save on electricity but letting some sun into your house also kills bacteria inside.
2. Reduce the wattage of the light bulbs. So I actually convinced my whole family to change the wattage of the light bulbs we use in the entire house. Come to think of it, by doing so you not only contribute to global warming reduction but also lower down your electric bills. *wink*
3. Share the knowledge! Of course, little actions help reduce this global phenomenon but it also helps a lot if we share that knowledge to other people. They may know about this issue but they may not actually be doing something to help. Sharing some information may entice them to start acting on it. Hey, it doesn’t take you a minute to say “Ei Buddy, by the way can you please turn off the lights if you’re not using it. That really helps a lot in reducing Global Warming. Thanks my friend”.

Other than my research papers, I get additional information from the organizations I signed up with – organizations that promote awareness and action about this global issue. I also receive regular updates from emails and postal mails. And I hope you guys do it too.

Let us love our planet guys. Let us all unite in saving it. It’s our mother. And it’s our home. Let’s go and make a difference.

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Quote of the day #1 - Marriage

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You work at a marriage.
There are no shortcuts.
There are bumps on the road.
That’s no reason to get out of the car.
You learn to travel over them, around them,
if necessary take another route, but always together.

-- Conchita Razon

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Prayer for the War

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Last week there were prayer vigils and rallies held in almost every state in America to mark the 5th year anniversary of the war in Iraq. Some people say that the war is over and Americans are now helping the Iraqis fix their country. While on the other hand, some would argue that the war is still going on and it will not end any time soon.

Whether you believe the war has ended or not doesn’t really matter. There are still thousands of soldiers out there risking their lives. Back in 2001, almost the entire world mourned over the loss during the “terrorist attack” in America. Almost every citizen in the United States wanted to attack Iraq, to have revenge, and to seek justice.
Now, five years later, thousands of American soldiers have already died and still the war isn’t officially over. The number of fatalities of both American soldiers and Iraqis continues to rise.

Last night, four US soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb. Over 5 years of war, the death toll of American soldiers had officially reached 4,000. That number only represents the fatalities of American soldiers, how about their “enemies?” How many people, both innocent and guilty, have died all in all? How many families have suffered from lost and longing? How many children were born and raised without their fathers? Or both parents? How many soldiers are suffering from depression and frustration? How many lives have been affected?

Whether the war should have been started or not no longer matters. What matters most are the lives of the people. We all live in one world and we are all affected by this war. No matter what officials are going to do about the war right now, one thing’s for sure – the killings will not end soon.

I hope we all pray for the soldiers doing their jobs and the innocent Iraqis trying to live in peace. We don’t know when the killings would end, but we all know that there is someone who continues to listen. I know not everyone believes in a divine being but I know we all yearn for someone to take us away from the sorrows we are experiencing. Prayer is our best weapon in times like this.

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Happy Easter Spring Break is Over!

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First of all, thank you for those who read my previous post and enjoyed the 8 facts I posted about myself. Hopefully the 8 people I tagged would respond and also post 8 facts about themselves.

Anyways, like me, I’m sure you’ve all observed how quiet our surroundings are today. Some stores are closed while some are only open for half of the day. At the same time the churches are packed with people. I’m pretty sure you all know what today is, right? It is Easter Sunday!

Well, aside from your usual Easter parties do you really know what this day is all about? Easter is one of the most important religious feasts in the Christian liturgical year. Christians around the globe celebrate this day in practice of their belief that Christ resurrected 3 days after his crucifixion.

Now I’m not going to go into further details for I’m sure your priests or pastors have already explained it or you probably are non-Christian. However, what is wonderful about today is that some non-religious cultural elements have become a part of this holiday most of which are celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians.

To my fellow Christians: Happy Easter Sunday to all of you.

To kids: Did you enjoy take a picture with the Easter Bunny? Tell me, how much did you get from egg hunting? *wink*

To everybody: Too bad the stores are closed. I know how you guys feel, I also wasn’t able to do my usual grocery and shopping. Oh! One more thing – careful on those chocolate eggs. A few minutes of walk after your barbecuing party won’t hurt.

To myself: Hey, it’s the end of your Spring Break. Better open your books and start catching up with school. You know you’ve been slacking off lately. *wink*

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I've Been Tagged. 8 Facts About Me.

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This entry is to answer a tag from my co-blogger Happymommy from “A Blessed Life” (check out her link on the side). This isn’t the first time I was tagged but it’s the first time I’ll actually respond. Wohoo! I was planning to make a video to answer the tag but thought that it would take more time to do that. So, I guess you would have to bear reading this entry instead of watching a vid and make fun of me. But I promise I’ll make one and upload it soon.

Anyways, just like any other game, this tag also has rules and here they are:
* Each blogger must post these rules first.
* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

So here are 8 things about me:

Fact number 1:
I love the color blue! I like it so much that during my 18th birthday I had a debut and used the color blue as my color motif. All the tables and chairs had blue (baby blue/light blue) cloths, my gown was blue, roses were painted blue, souvenirs were blue, cake was blue, and balloons were blue. Of course my face wasn’t painted blue. But at home my house slippers are blue, my laptops welcome page is blue, pajamas are blue, and blanket is blue. And sometimes because I like blue so much I end up feeling blue. And boy, I wish blue wasn’t my favorite color.

Fact number 2:
I am not afraid of any creatures, animals, or insects. Oh well, I am afraid of one thing though.
I am afraid and do not like cats. I despise them so much that I could not even dare look at them even in pictures. I freak out when I see one either in person or in photographs. They just give me the creeps. As to why I do not like such “so cute and loving” creatures, secret! And for one thing, I do not think of them as loving or sweet.

So if you add both facts number 1 and 2 the equation would be this:
I like blue + I hate cats = I do not like Hello Kitty!

Fact number 3:
I do not know how to put on make-up. Although I’m a female, that’s probably one thing I can never do in my entire life. Well, okay, I can powder my face and put on some lipstick or lip gloss but other than those two I’m useless. I do not know how to put on the rest.

Fact number 4:
I have a scar on my forehead. I'm my own Harry Potter. I got this when I was six or seven during a Christmas party. I remember my mom called me that time to eat and she warned me specifically not to pass by the playground. Guess what? I still did. I played on the swing with a girl friend. The swing went too high that I let go and fell on the ground. As soon as I stood up the swing swung back and hit my forehead. So that wasn’t a really happy Christmas experience for me. Lesson: Kids, follow your parents when they say don’t do something, okay?

Fact number 5:
When I was little, I sang in a Christmas party and won a cash prize. It was kinda funny that I won considering that I only looked at the wall across me the whole time. I was so nervous that I never looked at the audience. Oh well, what matters is that I won. Yeah, for some unknown reason I won. Hey, don’t mock me. I wasn’t the only contestant okay. There were more. I was just the best. *laugh out loud*

Fact number 6:
I always wear a scapular. By always I mean all the time. I do not take it off unless extremely necessary. I’ve been wearing it for around 4 years now. I always feel protected when I have it. And if I don’t wear it, I feel incomplete and somehow unsecured. Well, if you find me not wearing it, it’s probably in my pocket ‘cause I don’t just leave it anywhere. Whenever I’m nervous or scared I just clasp the cross and I’ll feel okay.

Fact number 7:
I always sleep on one side of the bed and in one position. I don’t move a lot. One time during my high school I was sleeping then suddenly my nanny woke me up. When I asked her why she said she was just nervous and concerned. She worried if I was still alive because I had the same position the whole time. She just wanted to make sure. I wonder how it would have been for her if I pretended to be dead. *wink*

Fact number 8:
I love movies! I love movies so much that I want to be in one. I want to have my own movie. *laughing out loud* I’m just kidding. Seriously, I love movies so much that I have this weird feeling when a whole week would pass and I have not seen any new film. I somehow get irritated then I’d look for ways to be able to watch one. Weird but that’s true.

So that’s it. Those are 8 facts about me. Probably 8 facts you just don’t see on other normal human beings. =) I know it is long but thanks for reading. To HappyMommy, thanks for tagging me. I had fun knowing myself.

So, I should pass this tag and I’m tagging:
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Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Hi guys. I’m back! Sorry I haven’t updated my blog lately. I’ve been really busy. I had so many plans for the blog but had to put them aside ‘cause of other stuffs that were going own. But hopefully I can start to catch up with the Blogging World. **smiles**

As we all know today’s Saint Patrick Day! Woohoo! HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY TO ALL OF YOU! Are you feeling lucky today? If you are, good for you then.

For me, St. Patrick’s Day is synonymous with Spring Break! Yes guys, today’s the official start of my one week of Spring Break. Unfortunately, it’s only one week. Sucks though. How I wish it lasts to one month.

Well, I know some of you ended your spring break yesterday and are going back to school today. Too bad. I’m so sorry for you guys. Just kidding! You’ve had your share of spring break. Now it’s my turn!

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