Happy Easter Spring Break is Over!

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First of all, thank you for those who read my previous post and enjoyed the 8 facts I posted about myself. Hopefully the 8 people I tagged would respond and also post 8 facts about themselves.

Anyways, like me, I’m sure you’ve all observed how quiet our surroundings are today. Some stores are closed while some are only open for half of the day. At the same time the churches are packed with people. I’m pretty sure you all know what today is, right? It is Easter Sunday!

Well, aside from your usual Easter parties do you really know what this day is all about? Easter is one of the most important religious feasts in the Christian liturgical year. Christians around the globe celebrate this day in practice of their belief that Christ resurrected 3 days after his crucifixion.

Now I’m not going to go into further details for I’m sure your priests or pastors have already explained it or you probably are non-Christian. However, what is wonderful about today is that some non-religious cultural elements have become a part of this holiday most of which are celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians.

To my fellow Christians: Happy Easter Sunday to all of you.

To kids: Did you enjoy take a picture with the Easter Bunny? Tell me, how much did you get from egg hunting? *wink*

To everybody: Too bad the stores are closed. I know how you guys feel, I also wasn’t able to do my usual grocery and shopping. Oh! One more thing – careful on those chocolate eggs. A few minutes of walk after your barbecuing party won’t hurt.

To myself: Hey, it’s the end of your Spring Break. Better open your books and start catching up with school. You know you’ve been slacking off lately. *wink*


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