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Time is the best expression of love.

Time is not just "clock". When one says "i don't have time for you" that means.. "i can't give my being, my person to you."

Your time and your person are one.

That's why spending time with and for people is giving your person to them...

That is love..

That explains it.

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Girls Are Special

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A Girl is Special, Created by God.

if she talks, she wants you to listen
if you listen, she wants you to talk.

if you kiss her, you're not a gentleman
if you dont, you're not a man.

if you agree to all her likes, your a wimp
if you dont, you're not understanding..

so simple yet so complex
so weird yet so beautiful.


i don't one hundred percent agree to the post above.
but it's fun to read. quite true though.
that makes us ladies special.
and we hope that men see our true value.

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Virginia Tech

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...composed April 19, '07...

I was in the office working with my fm player on when I heard the news regarding the shooting in Virginia Tech campus where a total of 32 people died. I was shocked! I told myself that it's another one of those shootings that occur in US campuses (though this is the first time it ever happened in a college campus). I asked myself how it could have happened? Who did it? Why did he do it? Could it have been prevented? How could this affect the country and its' citizens expecially the youth?

Then I thought of the shootings in Columbine High School years ago and the effects it brought. I cannot anymore wonder the very root of this violent act: whether it be the lax gun control in the country, the intimidating class structure, the media, etc etc. Sadly there are a lot more reasons that caused these violence not just in schools (done by students themselves) but also in our society. It has been a problem with no definite solution. But then are we going to continue to live like this?

As my sister and I were watching the news last night we saw that in a school here in las vegas a student brought in a gun to campus which alarmed a lot of students, parents, and faculty members. She then confessed her fear of going to school here in the States and her longing of going back home to the Philippines. I may had hidden my emotions under a fascade when I told her to just pray, to always be careful, and to choose her peers. But I knew inside my heart I was also a bit scared not just for her but for all of us.

Because I knew this violence will never stop - as much as I prayed it would end. It's an ongoing problem that people are too occupied to give time to mend. I mourn with the families of the victims. I feel their lost of such gifted people who are supposed to be the hope of the nation, of the world.
During these times all we can do is use our greatest weapon - PRAYERS. All we can do is pray and have faith on our so called leaders and on GOD.

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city of angels

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I would rather have one breath of her hair, one touch of her hand, and one kiss of her mouth than an eternity without it.
--"City of Angels"

They say one just has to love. Because if that love was not meant to be, it never will. If it's meant to stay, nothing can hinder it's wings.

But everything's easier said than done. What if one gives his/her all, when that love was meant for someone else? The regret can never go away. It may be buried but it will still remain. The wound may be sealed through time but one just lives with the pain.

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