American Idol's David Archuleta

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As we all know, this week is just the official second week of American Idol Season 7. Just a recap, last week 2 boys and 2 girls were sent home and eliminated from the competition. Anyways, last night the top 10 boys performed their 70's song and, unfortunately, the judges weren't that happy with most of the performances. Well, most okay.

You may think it is too soon to pick your favorite idol since it's still week 2, right? Better think again for as early as now American Idol seems like it has already chosen its' favorite. Well, at least from the top 10 boys since we all know the girls aren't performing yet until tonight. Yesterday, for the second time, seventeen-year-old David Archuleta captured the hearts of America and yes including Simon Cowell. Young as he may be but David definitely moved the audience, especially his mom and Paula Abdul, with his rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine." The song is incredibly one of the greatest songs ever and you may think because of his naiveness David would fail to express the emotions of the song. But he didn't guys. He surely did an amazing job last night considering it was only a guitar that accompanied him. Indeed, it was a wonderful act to end the night. Oh well, I'm going to stop reporting now. If you failed to witness David's performance, here it is. Notice how Kelly Clarkson and the other Season 1 American Idol finalists literally dropped their jaws when they heard young David sang.

So what can we get from David's experience?
Dream and do not just give up on your dreams. If you work hard nothing can hinder you from reaching your goals - not even age. Remember, no one is too young to start dreaming and working for their dreams.

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80th Annual Academy Awards - The Oscar Winners

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We all know what happened a few hours ago right? It was the 80th Annual Academy Awards. At this point the attention no longer focuses on how the stars looked at the Red Carpet, although, we know that interest will not subside any time soon. What everyone is interested to know now is whether their bet won or not. So here it is, the 80th Annual Academy Awards Winners

Best film: No Country for Old Men

Best director: No Country for Old Men, Joel and Ethan Coen

Best actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood

Original screenplay: Juno

Documentary feature: Taxi to the Dark Side

Documentary short: Freeheld

Original score: Atonement

Cinematography: There Will Be Blood

Song: Falling Slowly, Once

Foreign language film: The Counterfeiters

Honorary Oscar: Robert Boyle

Film editing: The Bourne Ultimatum

Best actress: Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose

Sound mixing: The Bourne Ultimatum

Sound editing: The Bourne Ultimatum

Adapted screenplay: No Country for Old Men, Joel and Ethan Coen

Supporting actress: Tilda Swinton, Michael Clayton

Animated short: Peter and the Wolf

Live action short: Le Mozart des Pickpockets

Supporting actor: Javier Bardem, No Country for Old Men

Art direction: Sweeney Todd

Visual effects: The Golden Compass

Makeup: La Vie en Rose

Animated feature: Ratatouille

Costume: Elizabeth: The Golden Age

So that was it. Unfortunately, neither of people's favorites - George Clooney and Johnny Depp - took home the Best Actor award this year. Im definitely sure, though, everyone would agree Daniel Day-Lewis deserves the award. The outstanding "No Country For Old Men" took home the Best Film award. The movie was indeed a remarkable work by the Coen brothers who also won Best Director. Other than those two, Javier Bardem was crowned Best Supporting Actor for his act on the same film.

It was also a memorable night for stripper-turned-screenwriter Diablo Cody. Not only did she catch everyone's attention with her very expressive Red Carpet look but her work "Juno" won Best Original Screenplay as well. "Bourne Ultimatum" swept all awards on the three categories in which it was nominated.

So that was pretty much it - this year's Oscar Awards. The writers just had to settle matters concerning their strike so as not to miss this big event. Oh by the way, just so you know the star studded ceremony officially ended at past 1 in the morning. But I'm definitely sure, all the preparations the celebrities went through were worth it.

What a glamorous night.

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5 Proven Health Remedies

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Wealways hear these promotion to gradually reduce obesity around the world. But increase in weight and fitting problems are not the only contributions we get from food. Eating is important in our bodies and even more important if we know how to eat smart. Here are 5 proven food remedies presented by Jean Carper on USA Weekend.

1. Cranberries vs. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
A British analysis of 10 studies reported that drinking cranberry juice reduces recurrent Urinary Tract Infection in women. Now ladies, a recommended dose of 2 glasses a day is great news considering such reduces UTI.

2. Oatmeal vs. Cholesterol
Now this has been a known fact for a very long time. However, proof of oatmeal's wonders are stronger than ever. University of Kentucky researcher James Anderson, M.D. concluded that eating whole-grain oatmeal not only cuts total and "bad" cholesterol but also lowers risk for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and weight gain. Hear that? So you better start stacking your pantry with oatmeal!

3. Soybeans vs. Hot Flashes
A new study conducted by Harvard's George Blackburn, M.D. found that a compound in soybeans slashed the frequency of hot flashes in a group of menopausal womean by 52%. The researchers revealed that they used the soy extract called AglyMax which is like human estrogen but without negative effects. Now for those who are not aware, Hot Flash is simply a sensation of body heat. It is a sudden hot feeling, sometimes accompanied by sweating and redness of the face, experienced by some women during menopause and caused by an endocrine imbalance.

4. Legumes vs. Diabetes
A new Vanderbilt study of 64,000 middle-aged Chinese women found that eating more leagumes (peanuts and dried beans, especially soybeans!) may cut the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by more than 40%. The possible reason could be that all legumes suppress spikes in blood sugar.

5. Fish Oil vs. Brain Damage
Did you know that eaters of fatty fish are less apt to get Alzheimer's? Yes. Much evidence shows that Omega-3 fish oil, especially its DHA compoment, protects brain cells. According to a new UCLA study, DHA - also known as docosahexaenoic acid, an essential fatty acid - helps prevent damage that leads to the onset of Alzheimer's. Prior to such study, DHA has been linked to the reduction of cardiovascular disease and other health benefits. Now for those who don't eat fish better reconsider your diet and start dining on fishes!

Now before you stack your grocery cart with these foods remember these are just 5 proven food remedies. There are more. What is important is to live healthy. And how to do that? Enjoy eating in moderation and working out through a routine that best suites you.

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First Vlog and American Idol

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Hi everyone. This is my first video blog. As I explained in the vid, I've been really busy lately that i haven't uploaded my saved drafts. But hopefully my schedule will loosen up a bit in 2 weeks time then I'll be able to catch up with matters.

The idea of shooting this vid just came up to me all of a sudden so as you can sense in the vid I didn't know what to say and what to do. Everything was just so random. But we all have to start somewhere right?

By the way, I hope you all support American Idol contestant Ramiele Malubay. She is a Filipino and with your help she can be the first Asian-American Idol. This gal definitely have what it takes. And take note, during her first performance as the season's competition officially started this week, she was among the very few who got all three Yes from the judges. Yes! Simon gave her a Yes. That just proves she has what it takes. Please tune in to American Idol weekly and vote for her.

I hope you all join me in supporting Ramiele Malubay.

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Pick Up Lines 1

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Here are some lines that.. Well, you decide if they work or not.

-----Scene 1-----

Guy1: Uy, email mo naman ako. Kailan tayo papakasal? (Ei, email me. When are we getting married?)

Me: Anong pakasal ka jan. Tseh! Add mo nalang pala ako sa friendster. Nakita ko dun mga anak mo. (What marriage are you talking about. Ei, accept my friend request on friendster. I saw your children there.)

Guy1: Ha?!? Nakita mo friendster ko? (What?!? You saw my friendster?)

Me: Oo nga. Nakita ko pa nga dun yung mga anak mo. (Yeah. That's where I saw your kids.)

Guy1: Walangya. Talaga?!?! (****** For real?!?!)

-----Scene 2-----

Guy1: Ang ganda mo pala. Bat di ka nag-artista? (You know what, you're beautiful. Why didn't you try to be an actress?)

Me: Tseh! Tigilan mo nga ako. Sumbong kita sa asawa mo eh. (Will you just cut it out or else I'll tell your wife.)
Guy1: Hindi kasi hihiwalayan ko na asawa ko. Pakakasalan kita. (No, 'cause I'll divorce my wife. I want to marry you.)

Me: Ewan ko sayo. Tigilan mo nga ako. (I don't know with you. Will you just cut it out.)

Guy1: Uhmmp. Bakit nakalagay sa friendster mo married ka na? (Why does your friendster say you're already married?)

Me: Eh gusto ko nga lang eh. Pauso. ('Cause I just want to. Just setting a trend)

Guy1: Ang ganda mo talaga. Iniisip nga kita kagabi eh. (You really are beautiful. In fact, I was thinking of you last night.)

Me: Hoy. Kilabutan ka nga sa sinasabi mo. Sumbong kita sa asawa mo eh. (Ei. Do you even hear what your saying. I would really tell your wife.)

Guy1: Hindi kasi gusto na ng mga anak ko ng bagong mommy. Yung maganda raw. (No, 'cause my children wants a new mommy. They want someone beautiful.)

Me: Ewan ko sayo. Sira ka talaga. (I don't know with you. You really are crazy.)

Guy1: Nasisiraan kasi nababaliw ako sayo eh. Ang ganda mo kasi. (I really am losing my mind. I'm going crazy over you 'cause you're beautiful.)

Lesson 101:
Okay guys. The next time you attempt to flirt with a girl (lady, woman, whatever!) try to make sure you got no attachments. Because as they say no secrets can be concealed forever. Someway somehow we will know the skeletons in your closets. Remember, we're women. We got great instincts. In short: Always be honest!

By the way, I'm not sure if you'll approve of how I translated the conversations. That's the best I can give you right now. If there are any errors I'll edit them soon.

Do you have a similar story? Why don't you share your experience by posting it under "comments." See yah!

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Why I FacebookED?

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Okay. The truth is I am so tired of all these social networking sites that just pop out of nowhere. Then friends would keep emailing you to sign up and add them on these particular sites. I mean, what can I get from those?

First, there was friendster. Everyone got so overwhelmed about it. Then there was this and that. And something new came up. Then something else. AAhhhrggg! Sign up here and there. Password here and email there. It's just the same things over and over again. You connect with your friends and meet strangers online. That's basically the purpose of it. Well, aside from others who plan on sending crazy death threats to other users and for online predators that just don't have anything better to do with their time on the internet.

I admit, I used to sign up for these networking sites. I had friendster, tagged, Hi5, myspace, multiply, and something else. Actually 2 or 3 more something else. Then I got tired of them. You can tell because there's so many of them I can no longer remember which ones I signed up for. They all have similar features while at the same time one site may have a special feature that others don't.

Well, we all know among all the social networking sites out there MySpace is definitely the biggest. But other than MySpace, there is another networking site that is rapidly growing on the internet nowadays. Why? I have no idea. But you guessed it right! It's Facebook!
Now, as much as I am already annoyed with all these networking sites, I was left with no choice but to sign up and open an account for myself. How can I not when all my classmates here in the U.S. use it to communicate and update each other daily. Okay, so I thought of giving it a try since a present classmate tagged it "the new millenium of networking sites". (Mark, see I took your word and openned an account. This better be worth my time.)

So now, here I am again, victimized by the Internet Age and this generation of networking sites. Whatever might happen to my accout in the future, well be it. (Just so you know my MySpace got hacked in the past. I just don't know if that change of password helped. But there is still that annoying cloud on my profile page that when clicked a undesirable - well undesirable for me - website would just pop up. But here I am already.

If you want to add me as your Facebook friend just leave me a comment here and I'll take the necessary steps. But take note, I will be updating my Friendster more often than any of my other networking accounts. Happy Networking!

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