First Vlog and American Idol

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Hi everyone. This is my first video blog. As I explained in the vid, I've been really busy lately that i haven't uploaded my saved drafts. But hopefully my schedule will loosen up a bit in 2 weeks time then I'll be able to catch up with matters.

The idea of shooting this vid just came up to me all of a sudden so as you can sense in the vid I didn't know what to say and what to do. Everything was just so random. But we all have to start somewhere right?

By the way, I hope you all support American Idol contestant Ramiele Malubay. She is a Filipino and with your help she can be the first Asian-American Idol. This gal definitely have what it takes. And take note, during her first performance as the season's competition officially started this week, she was among the very few who got all three Yes from the judges. Yes! Simon gave her a Yes. That just proves she has what it takes. Please tune in to American Idol weekly and vote for her.

I hope you all join me in supporting Ramiele Malubay.


i couldn't agree more! ramiele is really one talented filipina... she's one of the best contestants there and it seems that all of the three judges love her. i hope she'll win and be the first asian-americam idol... take care edz!

-mike (http://mikekrismac.blogsome.com)

too lazy to log in @ blogger...hehe, yah I saw her in the auditions part, I immediately concluded that she is of South East Asian Desent but was unsure of whether she was filipino or vietnamese, thai and the like...now I know!!!!

yeah, she is definitely filipino. her family name is infact very filipino. hope you also support her. that way we could show the whole world what we pinoys have. =)

uy edz! nawala man imong vid sa youtube! did you remove it?

Alright! Just keep it going! :D

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