Twinkle Little Stars

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A couple of days ago, I random question hit me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the answer myself. So I thought I’d post that question here and ask your opinions about it.

Do you believe in zodiac signs compatibility? Like, how you’re unconsciously attracted to the sign astrology says you’re compatible with. Why and why not? Were there any experiences that caused you to believe such?

I know it sounds like a childish question. But seriously, have you thought of whether it's true that the stars can tell the future? 'Cause that's how the famous seer, Nostradamus, read the future. So I hope you can help me find a conclusion to this query. Thank you.

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Oct 17 Sunrise Rumor Debunked

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Today I received a text message from an old pal and this is what it says:
“Coming October 17, 2008 the sun will rise continuously for 36 hrs (1.5 days). During this time the US countries will be dark for 1.5 days.
It will convert 3 days into 2 big days. It will happen once in 2400 yrs. We're very lucky to see this. So don't miss it. –Courtesy of CNN/BBC News”

Sometime last week another friend also asked me if I’ve heard of this news. It was the first time I’ve heard of such so I tried to research it but didn’t find any coming CNN or BBC. Since tomorrow is the 17th of October I decided to write an entry about this. Sorry to disappoint you guys but this is hoax. False. Untrue. (Just like any other chain letters or emails.) I don’t know who started this faulty report but isn’t it funny how a lot of people spend so much time spreading it?

This online rumor actually started circulating sometime last August. David Emery, of About.com, wrote an entry last 15th of September debunking that “During a one-month period from mid-August to mid-September 2008, over 15,000 postings containing the phrase ‘the sun will rise continuously for 36 hours’ appeared on the Internet.”

As we all know the sun does “rise” continuously. We only perceive it as setting because the earth, while rotating on its own axis, revolves around the sun. The sun does not really (literally) stop rising or slow its speed of setting. So for such 36 hours sunrise phenomenon to happen, the earth would actually have to stop revolving and rotating on its orbit. And guess what, that has never happened and will never happen.

So for you out there waiting for that supposed 1.5 days of sunrise or 1.5 days of darkness, you can continue to live your normal life and go on with your daily activities since no such report will occur.

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Pefect Pearls for Gifts and Keeps

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My sister has always been a user of jewelry. And her favorite piece is her pair of pearl earrings. She always tells me that it’s a classic. And I do agree with her. Pearls are something that lasts almost ‘till forever. One thing I love about pearls is that it never falls out of style.

So I was so glad to find this website that sells pearl jewelries! Upon stumbling into this site, I realized I found the perfect gifts for my sister and mom and my girl friends. Perfect timing since Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner.

All of their pearls are guaranteed 100% genuine and have been appraised by an IGI graduate gemologist. And one of the best things about their products is that every pearl was hand-picked and hand-knotted. Now as a buyer, I would definitely love to purchase a product that was wonderfully done and perfected in every possible detail.

This online store has everything available in pearls! They have freshwater pearl necklaces, akoya pearl necklaces, and, the best part, black pearl necklaces. You can also get these pearls in bracelets and earrings! Now you would think that pearls like these would mean spending fortunes. No! You’re wrong. In their site, all products are sold in wholesale prices. They even have items below $100! It can’t get any better than that, right? How else can you get something so exquisite at such an affordable price? Plus, they ship any where in the world.

I’m glad that in the coming holidays I won’t go through all the trouble of looking for gifts. Like I said, this is a wonderful place to shop for fine and superb presents for family and friends and even to one’s self. I’m good for the season. My sister and girl friends will surely love me more with their new pearl jewelries. And like those classic pearls, our friendship will last till forever too.

To visit this pearl jewelry website just click on the link.

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Twilight Is Here!

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Here's something everyone's (almost if not everyone) been waiting for. The latest Twilight trailer. Now if you don't know anything about the Twilight series I suggest that you go and get a life. Haha! I'm just kidding! If you know nothing about it then what are you waiting for? Go and play the trailer to know what's the biggest book series since Harry Potter!

Seriously! I can't wait for this film to be out! As most of you know, the original play date isn't until the second week of December. But luckily, the newest Harry Potter film was moved to summer of next year so Twilight right away filled in the vacant spot. So this Thanksgiving, here's something to look forward to and be thankful about.

And I have a feeling it's going to be crazy!!!!!!

Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer

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A dear friend of mine has been very busy the past couple of weeks (even months) preparing for a theatrical event. She, and her crew, spent so much effort (not to mention time and money) on this project so I’m very sure it will come out as a successful event. Unfortunately, I will not be physically there to watch the event and congratulate her and her team for a wonderful job done. So instead I am going to post a picture (or copy of the banner) of the said event. To the people of Cagayan de Oro City, I hope you will take time to watch their wonderful show.

And to my friend, I’m sure as the play dates draw closer the more the pressure and the anxiety your feeling. But don’t worry, cause as your efforts will soon be paid off. You are one great artist and I believe in you. So God bless and good luck to your crew and break a leg! (Not literally okay?!) Just enjoy and have fun. The goal doesn’t really matter much compared to the journey. Don’t worry for the curtains will close after every performance.

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