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Today I want to share a very special video with you guys. It is a video my best friend showed me, if I'm not mistaken, perhaps about a year ago. Since then it has become a personal favorite. I tried to share it to as many people as possible. Then I realized that's not enough and i won't be able to reach out to others that I don't talk to often. So I'm posting the video here so you can also see and take part in its' heart-warming message. I hope you'll help spread this call by sharing it to everyone.

Video courtesy of Tangle

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My First Bisaya Post... Sa Mga Makasabot Lang.

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Note: Haaaay.. naglisod baya jud ko ug tubag.. pero nalingaw pud ko maski unsaon. haha! Ikaw dawbi tan-awon nato kung maayo pud ka.. tubaga pud mga pangutana ani


BALAOD! (Char!): Ayaw pag ininglis ug dili pod pwede mag tinagalog. Kinahanglan bisaya ra tanan imo mga tubag. Kasabot?

Unsa imong gusto mahitabo karon dayon?
>> matulog. tagtulog baya ko. hapdos na akong mata.

Unsa imo gi buhat kaganiha buntag?
>> daghan. nagtuon, natulog kadyot, misulod sa klase, naminaw sa maestra, nagdrive, ug daghan pa.

Kanus-a ka na tao?
>>01-06-1989 numero nalang aron di ko na i-bisaya. haha! (<<-- pati katawa kelangan bisaya? haha

Taga Cebu ka? >> dili

Naka adto naka sa General Santos?
>> wala pa

Naka adto naka sa Night Cafe sa Cagayan de Oro?
>> oo nakaadto na noh

Naka kaon na ka ug Pastel gikan Camiguin?
>> oo. ginadalhan ko adto ni Miranda. taga-didto man sya. salamat Mirandz!

Sa imong mga amigo, kinsa sa imong pag tan-aw ang pinaka gwapo/gwapa?
>> wala! hahaha! ako nalang aron wlay maglalis sa ila

Naka kaon naka ug Durian?
>> oo noh! lami baya. padalhi ko diri sa america bi

Aha ka mas ganahan? Facebook o Friendster?
>> ambot. samukan lang ko aning daghan updates sa facebook sa mga ginabuhat sa mga tao.. nga gi-awat pud ng friendster.. di man gud ko chismosa. haha

Naa kai Uyab?
>> oo daghan sila!

Kung naa, Kinsa?
>> daghan lagi ang uban gani wa kabalo uyab diay mi. haha!

Naka adto naka sa Kaamulan sa Bukidnon?
>> wla pa

Naka pag 5-6 na ba ka sa Bombay?
>> wla pud. wla koy plano

Sa imong mga amigo/amiga, kang kinsa ka pinaka gaka hadlok?
>> uhmmm.. ambot.. sa mukaon ug tao sguro

Sa imong mga amigo/amiga, kinsa ang pinaka kataw-anan?
>> uhmm.. daghan man sila. nagkatag sa kalibutan

Sa imong mga amigo/amiga, kinsa ang pinaka pala hubog?
>> haha. ambot lang kabalo na sila..

Banggiitan ba ka nga tao?
>> ambot

Aha ka ga skwela?
>> sa UNLV

Naka kita na ba ka ug Buaya sa Crocodile Farm sa Davao?
>> uhmm.. wla pa

Naka kita npod ba ka og Philippine Eagle?
>> Oo gud.. murag langgam lagi nah! haha

Naka adto naka ug Bohol?
>> wla pa lagi na.. pareho raba gyud daw bisaya ang Surigao ug Bohol. lingaw

Naka kita na ka ug Tarsier?
>> uhhmmm.. wla pa.. naa mi alaga kani-adto dawbi kay namatay bag-o pa ko nakauli sa surigao

Naka kita na ba ka ug baboy nga gi ihaw?
>> wla pud

Naka adto naka sa Camiguin?
>> wla!!! unsa ba ni puro man wla tubag ko

Ga kaon ba ka og Lanzones?
>> oo! haaaayy.. naka "oo" ra gyud ko usab. haha

Sa imong mga amigo/amiga, kang kinsa ka pinaka ga salig sa imong mga problema?
>> uhmm.. kay Bes nako

Naka pangotot na ba ka sa daghan tao?
>> hahahah! oo.. unsaon taman tao lang...

Naa ba kai Iro?
>> hahaha.. pagbasa ko tong unsa "LRO" ingon ko unsay "LRO"...pi*** "iRO" man diay pasabot. haha! wla na. nabilin man tong 2 sa surigao namatay na pud ang isa.. kinsay manghatag dra?

Kinsa imong gusto makit-an karon?
>> ako mga parente

>> abs-cbn

Unsa imong gi panihapon kagabii?
> pansit kay ..... ay ambot di ko kabalo unsaon pag ingon sa bisaya...

Unsa imong plano buhaton pagka human nimo mag Internet?
>> magtuon kay may .... ambot unsaon pag bisaya.. ay basta may klase ako unya hahaha

Unsa imo buhaton karon gabii?
>> daghan gyud.. basta ganahan na gyud ko matulog haha

Kang kinsa ka pinaka gaka sumhan?
>> hala.. wla pa man nuon. hahaha

Unsa imong kalingawan?
>> hahaha! mag internet ug mag tv. hahaha! daghan makit-an ug mabuhat sa internet eh hala! hoy, buotan ko..

Ga palit ba ka ug Peke nga DVD?
>> hahaha! wla pa.. kay ako ang gapameke ug DVD hehe

Nag lisod ba ka ug tubag ani nga kailangan bisaya ra imong mga tubag?
>> oo noh! ginahuna huna sah nako ako tubag adeser nako ginapindot kaning keyboard. hahaha! unsa man intawon ni akong bisaya di naman diri-diretso

Photo source Red Rose

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As we all know last sunday was Easter Sunday. To some people this marks the end of the lent season. A time when Jesus Christ was resurrected. It serves as a reminder to all of us that God loves us so much that He sacrificed the life of His only begotten son to save us from our sins and give us salvation. However, to most kids that day meant one thing, one really important activity - Easter Egg Hunting! That seems like a pretty fun and exciting thing to do huh..? You hunt for colored or painted eggs then all of a sudden there's either candies or cash inside. I wish they have adult versions of Egg Hunting and each egg hides a minimum of a thousand dollars. Boy that would be great! So much for stimulus checks.

Anyhow, I observed one thing that happened last sunday. All of a sudden the churches where packed with people that the streets where flooded with cars. I questioned "Why all of a sudden?" I went to church during Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday but the volume of people was only half or a third of those that came last sunday. My church has two buildings yet only one is use for masses. However, because of the large number of people that went to church just this Easter Sunday, the community had to hold 2 separate masses in those two buildings.

I wondered why most of us (yes, as a human, I do not exclude myself) only want to be a part of Jesus' resurrection and not during the times when He was suffering. We celebrate His resurrection with Him but hide away when He was in pain because of us. Where were all these people during those times that all of a sudden they popped up on Easter Sunday? Why?

Photo courtesy of Open Door Coffee House

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Happy Easter Everyone!

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Just a short entry to extend my Easter greetings to everyone. Here is a simple yet wonderful quote I received from my best friend last week. Just wanted to share its message with everyone.

"The poorest person in the world is not the one with a single coin in his hand... but the one without JESUS in his live."

Have fun with your Easter egg hunting! I hope you enjoy the parties without forgetting why we celebrate this religious event.

Photo courtesy of Cachagua Church

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When I Visited My Doctor

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Today I went to meet my new primary physician for a regular check-up (and because I needed to, a requirement for something). Anyhow, while the physician was listening to my heartbeat and lungs, she noticed some heart murmurs. She asked if my previous physician ever noticed heart murmurs before then I told her no. FYI: Heart murmurs can be harmless or abnormal. Some heart murmurs can occur for a lifetime and post no harm to the individual while pathologic murmurs indicate problems such as narrowing or leaking of the valves. Hearing the latter suggests further tests and examinations.

Nothing to worry guys. I'm young and healthy. My physician said it could just be because I may not have had enough water that morning and I'm dehydrated which causes my heart to sound like that. So to be sure I had an EKG done and if something seems abnormal then she might call me next week to order an ultrasound of my heart. But I'm feeling perfectly fine so I have no worries or whatsoever.

Anyway, that is really not the purpose of this entry. I read an article a couple of days ago about a survey done by a prestigious university and the study concluded that "80 % of patients" who leave the doctor's office do not have a full or complete understanding of their condition and diagnosis. I know I do not have the direct source with me but you can quote me on that. I was shocked myself to know such a large percentage of people go in for check ups or follows up and leave without fully grasping the knowledge necessary for them to deal with their conditions.

Now what happened? It could be that the doctors failed to fully explain their diagnosis and the treatments because the patients are not asking further questions which leads the physicians to assume that the patients understand what really is happening and how to manage their conditions. So what should be done? According to the study, physicians should not only explain what the patients' conditions are but must thoroughly explain what and how the treatments or medications work. They should also include what foods and activities to do and avoid in order to restore optimum health. As for the patients, they should not just say "yes doctor" all the time, instead, they should ask questions after questions as to what should be done and why such affects their health. This type of understanding between patients and physicians should be achieved.

So the next time you go in for a check up: Do not hesitate to ask.

Photo courtesy of Wiifit Engadget

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Las Vegas Earth Hour 2009

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Before the month of March ended, I invited all of you to take part in joining the world for Earth Hour 2009 by turning off your lights for 60 minutes. So did you? I did. Well, somehow. My family and I turned off all the lights and watched a movie in one room. (It even lasted for more than an hour. Walah!)

The whole Las Vegas Strip also did its part. We do know how much electricity this little city consumes each day because of its casinos and parties and what not. So I'm glad it joined in the Earth Hour campaign this year and stick to what it promised. Below are pictures and video of the same 60 minutes of lights out.

Before and after shots

For more information visit Las Vegas Sun webpage.
Photo and video courtesy of Las Vegas Sun.

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Bad News - Immediate Blog Shutdown

Posted by -edz- on 5:28 PM
Hi everyone. As much as I am excited to share with you my page's new look and possible potentials, I have bad news. I have recently received an email informing me that my blog will be shutdown soon due to copyright infringement issues. I was really saddened and taken by surprise with this news. I still do not know how to react. However, I have to accept the fate of this almost 3 year old blog. Its journey is only up to here and it is time to move on to greater things.

BUT WAIT!!!!! Something important!!!

I just remember one thing. The month of March ended yesterday so that means today is the start of a brand new month. Today is already the first of April. Wow. Time does fly by so fast. And what does the first of April mean? APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Yeah, so good news for me since my blog is not going to be shutdown and never will be!!!! That's bad news for you since you have to continue reading and enduring my blog. Haha!

Love you all! And thanks for dropping by! Keep on reading and as I always tell my fellow bloggers - "Happy Blogging!"

Image courtesy of Apple.

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