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As we all know last sunday was Easter Sunday. To some people this marks the end of the lent season. A time when Jesus Christ was resurrected. It serves as a reminder to all of us that God loves us so much that He sacrificed the life of His only begotten son to save us from our sins and give us salvation. However, to most kids that day meant one thing, one really important activity - Easter Egg Hunting! That seems like a pretty fun and exciting thing to do huh..? You hunt for colored or painted eggs then all of a sudden there's either candies or cash inside. I wish they have adult versions of Egg Hunting and each egg hides a minimum of a thousand dollars. Boy that would be great! So much for stimulus checks.

Anyhow, I observed one thing that happened last sunday. All of a sudden the churches where packed with people that the streets where flooded with cars. I questioned "Why all of a sudden?" I went to church during Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday but the volume of people was only half or a third of those that came last sunday. My church has two buildings yet only one is use for masses. However, because of the large number of people that went to church just this Easter Sunday, the community had to hold 2 separate masses in those two buildings.

I wondered why most of us (yes, as a human, I do not exclude myself) only want to be a part of Jesus' resurrection and not during the times when He was suffering. We celebrate His resurrection with Him but hide away when He was in pain because of us. Where were all these people during those times that all of a sudden they popped up on Easter Sunday? Why?

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Since we, people are too busy handling our own pain, we tend to forget to be with God when He needed us. When it’s our time to suffer, we ask God to be with us and since God is a good and merciful God, He never failed these people who seek for His help but when God was in pain He called the people who called him, but only few listened and cried with him. Because people are people, sadly, today only a few can keep and stand with their words and beliefs. Just be happy you're not one with them, edz! -Vegas

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