Happy Birthday Mr. President

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Today is the birthday of one of my most treasured friends in the Philippines.

Why one of my most treasured? Because. For so many reasons. He was one of my closest friends in UST when I was still there. He was one of my textmates wherein we could stay up till 4 in the morning just texting. I could share just about everything to him and since the beginning of our friendship he has never left my side.

I can still remember two years ago. During that class in the Botanical Garden Laboratory, we had the election of our class officers. I nominated him to be the class president. He won. And he nominated me to be the assistant treasurer. And I too won. Funny. Since then people started calling him Mr. President.

I could never forget his birthday. Other than because he is my friend, exactly two years ago it was then a holiday. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo made her State of the Nation Address on that day. And I made the joke that since it is his birthday and he is the class president he, himself, should make a S.O.C.A. (what a term right?) - a State of the Class Address. That day he told me flattering things about myself when I should be the one doing so since he was the celebrant. Thank you.

As months went on our friendship has deepen and I could notice people using me as a channel to get through to him. I guess we were that close then. Or maybe he was just afraid of me that was why he would do whatever I say.?? *laugh* (Can you picture an almost 6 feet guy afraid of a petite girl.?)

Though I haven't seen him for more than a year now, he will always be one of my special friends. He has done things to me other guys have never done before and might never do. He made me feel special. And the rest is history.??

To you Mr. President. I wanna thank you for the friendship. Though things have changed since that day where I answered your question, I know deep inside your heart you're still that friend I met more than two years ago. That friend who was always there to make me smile. And who did not need to see me to know how I was feeling. You always knew when I was in my down moments. I wonder how you did that? I hope I could be like that to you now. I hope I can be there to make you smile when you're down. Sorry when I was once the source of your sadness. But thank you for accepting it. Thank you for accepting me. Always remember that I will always be your friend; Mr. President, Kuya. And today on your birthday, I'll be the one to sing you the birthday song.

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday happy birthday. Happy birthday to you!!!"

I may have not composed a song for you like you did for me. But remember, when I sing, I sing from the heart. Happy Birthday, Lex.

-you may know him. if you read one of the postings in my very first blog.-

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Grow Old With You

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by Adam Sandler
(OST of The Wedding Singer starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore)

This is one of those cute songs that I love the most.
Why? For so many reasons. What? Well, for one, isn't the lyrics enough reason to love the song?

Wish all the men in the world are like that. That they'll know how to treat a woman the way she should be treated. That they'll love sincerely. Be true to their hearts and to the hearts of those they love. And that they'll learn that sacrifices are part of loving (that's if they really are loving).

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English Movies You Should Never Translate in Filipino

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  1. Blackhawk Down - Ibong Maitim sa Ibaba
  2. Dead Man's Chest - Dodo ng Patay
  3. I Know What You Did Last Summer - Uyyy... Aminin!
  4. Love, Actually - Sa Totoo Lang, Pag-ibig
  5. Million Dollar Baby - 50 Milyong Pisong Sanggol (depending on the exchange rate)
  6. The Blair Witch Project - Ang Proyekto ng Bruhang si Blair
  7. Mary Poppins - Si Mariang May Putok
  8. Snakes on a Plane - Nag-ahasan sa Ere
  9. The Postman Always Rings Twice - Ang Karteri Kapag Dumutdot Laging Dalawang Beses
  10. Sum of All Fears - Takot Mo, Takot Ko, Takot Nating Lahat
  11. Swordfish - Talakitok
  12. Pretty Woman - Ganda Ng Lola Mo
  13. Robin Hood, Men in Tights - Si Robin Hood at ang mga Felix Bakat
  14. Four Weddings and a Funeral - Kahit Apat na Beses Ka Pang Magpakasal, Mamamatay Ka Rin
  15. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Ako, Ikaw, Kayong Lahat
  16. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Adik si Harry, Tumira ng Shabu
  17. Click - Isang Pindot Ka Lang
  18. Brokeback Mountain - May Nawasak sa Likod ng Bundok ng Tralala Bumigay sa Bundok
  19. The Day of the Dead - Ayaw Tumayo (ng mga Patay)
  20. Waterworld - Basang-basa
  21. There's Something About Mary - Mga Kwan sa Ano ni Maria
  22. Employee of the Month - And Sipsip
  23. Resident Evil - Ang Biyenan
  24. Kill Bill - Kilitiin sa Bilbil
  25. The Grudge - Lintik Lang ang Walang Ganti
  26. Nightmare Before Christmas - Binangungot sa Noche Buena
  27. Never Benn Kissed - Pangit Kasi
  28. Gone in 60 Seconds - 1 Round, Tulog
  29. The Fast and the Furious - Ang Bitin, Galit
  30. Too Fast, Too Furious - Kapag Sobrang Bitin, Sobrang Galit
  31. Dude, Where's My Car - Dong, Anong Level Ulit Tayo Nag-park?
  32. The Beauty and the Beast - Ang Asawa Ko at Ang Nanay Niya
  33. The Lord of the Rings - Ang Alahero

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"The most interesting thing about heart transplants is that one completely loses his own heart and is replaced with someone else's yet still has the feelings for the same person he loses. This proves that love works in the minds of people and not in their hearts. Bottom line is that, Love is a state of mind. You'll learn how to forget only if you try doing so."

-Dr. Burke, Grey's Anatomy

You yearn for someone not because you want to be complete. But because you want to add more color to your life. That person must not necessarily break you; the Best, not the worst; the Beautiful, not the ugly; things to Praise; not things to curse. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work endship in a higher level. It's smiling alone every once in awhile, knowing that somewhere, somehow, someone smiles at the thought of you.

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Random thoughts.

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a quote.
It's not love that hurts it's the absence of it that does. Who says time heals?
You don't get over the pain. You'll just learn to get along with the pain and live with it through time.

a song.
Mahal, nasaan ka na?
bakit iniwan mo ako?
bakit tuluyang lumayo?
ikaw ba'y nagsawa na?
ako ba'y nagkulang sa iyo?
sabihin mo. sabihin mo mahal.

one afternoon.
If people would ask you how are we, what will you tell them?
You said you were going to tell them that we're "ok." And why was I being a drama queen again?
Then you said I was complicating things in my life. They're more complicated than you think. You said I should make it easy then. I wish it is that easy. Then I wouldn't be......

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Nasaan Ka Na?

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This song was sang by a mysterious guitarist with an amazing voice. I once used one of her own compositions in my blog as a background music but removed it for some reason. This is just one of her great compositions and I want to share her talent to the world. At the same time I don't know why I chose to pose this one over her other songs.

tandang tanda ko pa nung tayo pang dalawa
araw-araw masaya gabi-gabi kapiling ka
sa bawat sandali ako'y iyong nilalambing
pag ika'y kausap na Mahal kita bukang bibig

ngunit nagbago ka na. pagmamahal mo ay nawala.

ang tamis ng 'yong halik
mga yakap mong kay higpit
hinahanap-hanap ko
sana ikaw ay narito

mahal nasaan ka na?
bakit iniwan mo ako?
bakit tuluyang lumayo?
ikaw ba'y nagsawa na?
ako ba'y nagkulang sa iyo?
sabihin mo. sabihin mo mahal.

tandang-tanda ko pa nung tayo ay unang nagkita.
di ka pa nagsalita puso ko'y nabihag na
nung ako'y sinuyo mo ikaw ay nangako
magpakailampaman ako lang ang pag-ibig mo

ngunit nagbago ka na. pangako mo'y nilimot mo na.

mahal nasaan ka na?
bakit iniwan mo ako?
bakit tuluyang lumayo?
ikaw ba'y nagsawa na?
ako ba'y nagkulang sa iyo?
sabihin mo. sabihin mo mahal.


Nasaan ka na? Nasaan na siya?

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