A Saturday of Compliments

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Warning: This post is a personal entry.

I have been trying to avoid writing entries that talk about my personal experiences because I think of this blog as a way to inform people of life’s various simple lessons. Yeah, some of my posts may not outrightly show those lessons but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Well, isn’t life like that? Life doesn’t shout to us all the answers right away. It whispers to us and asks us to listen patiently. But anyways, getting back on track, this blog is about everyone’s journey.

I know I’ve been really busy these past few weeks as you’ve noticed in my blog. The next couple of weeks will be worse. My finals start this week until the next 2 weeks. Then after that hopefully my spring semester will be totally over. Meaning, I can move on to the next level and finish all my courses with flying colors. I can already sense and smell the sweet scent of success and achievements. Anyways, I was just dreaming. I’m still a bit far from the end of this chapter’s race.

The past couple of weeks have been tough for me. I’ve been slacking off and kinda rushing to beat time and the urge to stay online for hours (like now). Although, I think the hard work is being paid off at the end of most days. And yesterday was one of those days. Yeah, some days don’t really pay off all the efforts I’ve put into.

During Saturdays I usually go to school because I have a general education course scheduled to meet once a week for about 3 hours straight. We had a major exam and a paper due about a week prior to yesterday’s in-class meeting so the professor was due to give back the results. I felt really uneasy when he was giving back the papers since he was commenting on everyone’s performance. He said to one of my classmates, “Outstanding job!” I didn’t know how I did so I felt he would say negative comments or nothing at all. And then it was my turn, he held my paper close to his chest as he thought of the right words to use then he finally said, “Absolutely super A student. You perfected the exam!” Wow. I think I pretty much turned red at that time. Just the perfect words. At that moment my smile felt like it was about to tear my whole face.

Anyways, fast-forward. Right after class, I was the second person about to leave the room when the professor called me. He said, “You’re doing a fantastic job in this class. In fact, you’re one of the best students I’ve ever had.” Here in the States cases like this seldom happen. College professors don’t normally give too much attention to their students’ performance. Ei, I don’t mean to say they do not care at all. By it I mean, for example, they don’t normally approach students to tell them they’re doing great in class. In here when you have a problem, as the student, you have the responsibility to approach your instructor and not the other way around. I mean, we’re already in college right? We’re no longer kids.

So that was how my yesterday (Saturday) went.
It wasn’t a “best day” but that day served a witnessed of how someone’s hard work does really pay off.

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Harry Potter Star's Jest

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So here’s the latest scoop everyone. In my prior entry, I talked about Daniel Radcliffe’s search for an Australian mystery girl who caught his eye in one AFI awards night he attended in the past. A few hours after The Daily Telegraph published their article about the boy wizard’s search, a number of girls stepped up saying they were the one who bewitched the young actor. But among those girls, 2 ladies stood out as the possible mystery girl. Both of the girls, blond 20-year-old Cassi McKay from Sydney, and brown-haired saxophonist Savannah Blount from Melbourne, played in David Campbell’s band at the after party and shared a picture with the actor during the event.

Sadly for our lover boy, both ladies already have boyfriends. Savannah Blount revealed that the actor was very polite, sweet, charming, and handsome. Although, she confessed he’s “very short [and she’s] more for the taller type of guy.” Ouch! On the other hand though, Cassi McKay has been set to travel to UK next week for a four-month vacation. And, she is open to meeting up with the millionaire actor again. She said, “I've told my boyfriend about him and I'd be keen to meet up." And if you’re wondering how Ms. McKay’s boyfriend is reacting to all of these? Well, he is not a big fan of the actor. In fact, he has not read any of the Harry Potter books nor watched any of the movies. Although, it doesn’t worry him if his girlfriend of more than two years wants to meet up with the actor since he “trusts her.” Now, that’s what I call a supportive boyfriend.

Now, you might think these girls broke the heart and the Daniel Radcliffe’s hope of finally finding true love. Well, guess again. Few hours ago, the actor’s London-based representative stepped into the scene and brought a new twist to this whole mystery girl search. Yes, a twist. She told New York’s Daily News that the Harry Potter star’s search was only a joke. She added, "(Radcliffe's comments) were meant in jest, but sadly been blown out of all proportion."

Edz React:
Some people laugh at this whole story. Indeed it is a big joke. Cassi McKay, first to assume the mystery girl title, revealed on an initial interview with The Daily Telegraph that she did not want her 15 minutes of fame and is very much committed to her boyfriend. Oh yes, she and her boyfriend had been in the tabloids and interviews all over the place. And Savannah Blount said she finds the young actor short and prefers tall man (like her boyfriend I suppose). So they were thinking they caught Daniel Radcliffe’s heart. Then all of a sudden the actor says it was a joke that was taken out of context. Oh, wow. Girls take that! Indeed this twist brought the two girls’ 15 minutes of fame to an end. Boy, what a laugh to end a day. I guess noble princes searching for average-simple girls may only happen in movies after all. Ever wondered why Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage never worked out in the end?

I’ve researched this whole story and referred to various articles on the internet. Because I used too many articles, I find it overwhelming to post them all here. So, pardon me if I am no longer going to cite my sources.

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The Wizard's Search for Mystery Girl

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Every girl wishes to have a fairytale love story (except me). They would want a prince charming to save them from the dungeon and sweep them off their feet. That explains why movies such as Nothing Hill and Pretty Woman topped the box office charts when released. (Almost) Every average-simple girl probably dreams to have a rich-famous-handsome guy fall in love with her and search for her. Although most people say, these stories only happen in books and movies.

Uhhmmm. You might think that’s impossible to happen nowadays huh? But think again. There are still some people out there with pure hearts and with so much sincere love to give. Would you believe me if I tell you the famous Daniel Radcliffe is one of those very rare men? Yes, Daniel Radcliffe as in Daniel Radcliffe from one of the most successful book series ever turned to blockbuster movies.

The famous young actor revealed he was bewitched by an Australian woman sometime late last year during an AFI awards night. He shared in his interview with The Daily Telegraph:
"There was one girl there, oh my god, she had these eyes that just looked at me like she wanted to pounce on me. She stared at me the whole night and I was going to get her number and then I couldn't find her.”

"I must have walked around that party for an hour trying to look for this girl, like some sad pathetic dweeb but it would have been so worth it."

"I don't know, I don't know her name, I can't remember her name. It was one of those things but she was stunning," he said.

The actor shared he has troubles finding the right woman and is cautious of “gold diggers” who would only be after his fame and fortune.

Now the newspaper – The Daily Telegraph – is helping search for Radcliffe’s mysterious Aussie-girl. And the whole world awaits.

Edz React:
Uhhmmm.. What did I tell you? Probably in our modern times there are still men with hearts like the nobles princes from movies. But I guess it’s still too soon to tell. I know this search will not last long. It will end any time soon and everyone will be talking about it. So far, while I’m writing this blog entry, they still have not found the girl. But I will update you guys with the latest. I’ll research it for you. So keep watch. Lets see how far this story will go.

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100 Days Old 2008 and Centenarians

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31 + 29 + 31 + 9 = ?

When New Year of 2008 was only a few minutes away, I could not believe how time flies by so fast. Then it was already the first day of 2008. Then after some time, I realized January was already over. Then February came. Then March. Then last week, the month of April started. We’re already in our 4th month of the year. Wow! Time is definitely in a hurry.

But do any of you count the days? I guess not. We, humans, tend to get very preoccupied with worldly matters that we “no longer have time” for such childish activity. “We’re too busy to count the days,” right?

Anyways, I hope some of you have noticed that today is the 100th day of 2008. So Happy 100th Day! Yes, it has already been 100 days since the year started. That was the purpose of the equation above.

So, what have you done so far?
What did you accomplish in those 100 days?
How is the progress of your New Year’s Resolutions?

Anyways, below are a couple of links about people who reached their 100 years of age. Yes, 100 years and not days. And check out what they did in those 100 years, how they are living their lives, and what they are planning to do in the near future.

100-Year-Old Celebrate Her Birthday By Smoking 170,000th Cigarette
Margaret Pearson is Still Cruisin' at 100
100-Year-Old Told "Take Day Off"
100-Year-Old Decides It's Time To Retire
100-Year-Old Becomes U.S. Citizen
100-Year-Old Receives College Degree
Discount For 100-Year-Old Driver
100-Year-Old Iowa Man Loves Hooters, Hates George W. Bush

I hope you read these articles. The stories of these centenarians (a person who has reached the age of 100 or more) make me wonder if I could live to be a century old. I wish I could though, since there is so much more I want to do in this lifetime.

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Ramiele Malubay Leaves American Idol

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Tomorrow another episode of everyone’s favorite show – The American Idol – will air. Unfortunately, the Filipino community, or probably most of the Asian community, might not be so enthusiastic about tomorrow’s performances. As we all know the only representative of the Asian community was voted out from the competition last week. Yes, I’m talking about Ramiele Malubay. For some fans, it was a shocker! On the other hand, though, some viewers might have already anticipated her exit. I missed that night’s show, but I must admit I was disappointed too when I learned she was eliminated from “Idol.”

Some people argue that she should have stayed and “Idol” should have been a competition based on talent and not on popularity. However, the latter’s a very debatable topic so I don’t want to touch and elaborate that issue. What happened already happened. Although Ramiele will no longer perform weekly in the competition, she has already proven herself to the world. She has already proven her talent and versatility. She’s not only a great performer but also a friend and a daughter. As the judges say, she has a great voice for a small girl. Yeah, Ramiele! That’s how we are!

Being in the top 9 is already a great achievement. No t everyone could get to have the opportunities you’ve experienced. Although we would no longer be regularly seeing you in “Idol,” we will always be your fans. Just as you are proud to be an Asian and to represent us, we are also very proud to have you represent us in Hollywood’s music industry. This won’t be the last we’ll see of you. Good luck and always keep your feet planted on the ground. Like what Ryan said, “You did a tremendous job!”

Below is a clip of Ramiele’s elimination from “Idol.”

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St. Peter, Easter Eggs and Bunnies

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I know most of you already know the story I wrote below but I still want to put it up and share with everyone. I apologize if you find this entry unpleasing though. I did not post it to insult any religious believe. I, myself, believe in the Lord.

The real message is within the story. I hope you get it and continue to practice your faith or whatever beliefs you might have. Enjoy reading. Oh one more thing, I know Easter Sunday and egg hunting are already over but that's not the main point of the story. *wink*


Our Lord was worried because there have been too many arrivals in heaven. He called to task St. Peter for the laxity in the screening of new entrants.

The Lord suggested that the new arrivals should undergo some kind of entrance test. They are to be asked about their religion.

St. Peter thought the idea was excellent. After thinking what would be the most crucial question, he came up with the following: “What is the significance of Easter?”

“Well, it is a… er… a day… when… ah… we color eggs and children hunt them in the playground.” “You must go to hell,” St. Peter ordered.

“How about you?” he asked pointing at the second person in line. The woman straightened up and pondered what to answer. “Er… ah… on Easter there is usually this er… bunny. A rabbit!”

“You, too, must go to hell,” decided the exasperated Saint.
The next in line had overheard the previous dialogues. He looked ready and sure of himself.

“And you,” St. Peter asked the third arrival, “What is the meaning of Easter?” The man brightened up and replied, “That is when Jesus was crucified, died, and buried. And on the third day He rose again.”

“Praise be to God” St. Peter exclaimed, “finally, there’s one person worthy of entering heaven… And what else can you say about Easter?”

Oozing with confidence, he went on, “After Jesus rose from the cave, he got out to chase the bunny and hunt the colored egged in the playground!”

St. Peter almost collapsed.

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