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So here’s the latest scoop everyone. In my prior entry, I talked about Daniel Radcliffe’s search for an Australian mystery girl who caught his eye in one AFI awards night he attended in the past. A few hours after The Daily Telegraph published their article about the boy wizard’s search, a number of girls stepped up saying they were the one who bewitched the young actor. But among those girls, 2 ladies stood out as the possible mystery girl. Both of the girls, blond 20-year-old Cassi McKay from Sydney, and brown-haired saxophonist Savannah Blount from Melbourne, played in David Campbell’s band at the after party and shared a picture with the actor during the event.

Sadly for our lover boy, both ladies already have boyfriends. Savannah Blount revealed that the actor was very polite, sweet, charming, and handsome. Although, she confessed he’s “very short [and she’s] more for the taller type of guy.” Ouch! On the other hand though, Cassi McKay has been set to travel to UK next week for a four-month vacation. And, she is open to meeting up with the millionaire actor again. She said, “I've told my boyfriend about him and I'd be keen to meet up." And if you’re wondering how Ms. McKay’s boyfriend is reacting to all of these? Well, he is not a big fan of the actor. In fact, he has not read any of the Harry Potter books nor watched any of the movies. Although, it doesn’t worry him if his girlfriend of more than two years wants to meet up with the actor since he “trusts her.” Now, that’s what I call a supportive boyfriend.

Now, you might think these girls broke the heart and the Daniel Radcliffe’s hope of finally finding true love. Well, guess again. Few hours ago, the actor’s London-based representative stepped into the scene and brought a new twist to this whole mystery girl search. Yes, a twist. She told New York’s Daily News that the Harry Potter star’s search was only a joke. She added, "(Radcliffe's comments) were meant in jest, but sadly been blown out of all proportion."

Edz React:
Some people laugh at this whole story. Indeed it is a big joke. Cassi McKay, first to assume the mystery girl title, revealed on an initial interview with The Daily Telegraph that she did not want her 15 minutes of fame and is very much committed to her boyfriend. Oh yes, she and her boyfriend had been in the tabloids and interviews all over the place. And Savannah Blount said she finds the young actor short and prefers tall man (like her boyfriend I suppose). So they were thinking they caught Daniel Radcliffe’s heart. Then all of a sudden the actor says it was a joke that was taken out of context. Oh, wow. Girls take that! Indeed this twist brought the two girls’ 15 minutes of fame to an end. Boy, what a laugh to end a day. I guess noble princes searching for average-simple girls may only happen in movies after all. Ever wondered why Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage never worked out in the end?

I’ve researched this whole story and referred to various articles on the internet. Because I used too many articles, I find it overwhelming to post them all here. So, pardon me if I am no longer going to cite my sources.


awe poor Potty was turned down... hehehe.

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