The Wizard's Search for Mystery Girl

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Every girl wishes to have a fairytale love story (except me). They would want a prince charming to save them from the dungeon and sweep them off their feet. That explains why movies such as Nothing Hill and Pretty Woman topped the box office charts when released. (Almost) Every average-simple girl probably dreams to have a rich-famous-handsome guy fall in love with her and search for her. Although most people say, these stories only happen in books and movies.

Uhhmmm. You might think that’s impossible to happen nowadays huh? But think again. There are still some people out there with pure hearts and with so much sincere love to give. Would you believe me if I tell you the famous Daniel Radcliffe is one of those very rare men? Yes, Daniel Radcliffe as in Daniel Radcliffe from one of the most successful book series ever turned to blockbuster movies.

The famous young actor revealed he was bewitched by an Australian woman sometime late last year during an AFI awards night. He shared in his interview with The Daily Telegraph:
"There was one girl there, oh my god, she had these eyes that just looked at me like she wanted to pounce on me. She stared at me the whole night and I was going to get her number and then I couldn't find her.”

"I must have walked around that party for an hour trying to look for this girl, like some sad pathetic dweeb but it would have been so worth it."

"I don't know, I don't know her name, I can't remember her name. It was one of those things but she was stunning," he said.

The actor shared he has troubles finding the right woman and is cautious of “gold diggers” who would only be after his fame and fortune.

Now the newspaper – The Daily Telegraph – is helping search for Radcliffe’s mysterious Aussie-girl. And the whole world awaits.

Edz React:
Uhhmmm.. What did I tell you? Probably in our modern times there are still men with hearts like the nobles princes from movies. But I guess it’s still too soon to tell. I know this search will not last long. It will end any time soon and everyone will be talking about it. So far, while I’m writing this blog entry, they still have not found the girl. But I will update you guys with the latest. I’ll research it for you. So keep watch. Lets see how far this story will go.


very interesting

but, i suppose they're not with their horse-drawn chariots and silver swords now, huh? haha xD

i love it, edz. :D

hahaha. nope, not anymore. its more like chariots pulled by invisible horses.. or creatures only seen by those who experienced near death experiences. hehe. ;)

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