Heath Ledger

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The other day, as soon as I learned about Heath Ledger's death, I immediately wrote an entry about him and his tragic death. Unfortunately, something happened and that entry got deleted. And since Blogger.com has an autosave feature, I permanently lost the entry. Thanks Blogger.com my entry is now lost in the realm of the internet.

As much as I would like to rewrite everything, I'm the type of person that can never do that. Once I write something, I can only write it once, if not improve it. So what I'm going to do is just write a little of what I remember from my prior entry. I did not want to write nothing about Heath Ledger's death.

Friends, family, and fans all over the world grieve over such a loss. Heath was not only a great talent but a great person as well. People who knew him say nothing but wonderful words about him. His father, Kim Ledger, said this on an interview upon hearing his son's death, "Heath has touched so many people on so many different levels during his short life, but few had the pleasure to truly know him. He was a down-to-earth, generous, kind-hearted, life-loving and unselfish individual who was an extreme inspiration to many."

At 28, he had such a bright future ahead of him. He could still have more wonderful years with his 2 year old daughter, Matilda. But I guess, like some say, God needed more angels in heaven. I'm not saying that God made this happen okay. God would never want such a tragic loss. Unfortunately, it happened. Indeed, it was a great life cut short.

To Heath: We will definitely miss seeing you on the silver screen. But your works will surely remain in our hearts and the way you lived your life will always be an example to us. We will forever be your fans.

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Martin Luther King, Jr

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Okay today my siblings did not wake up early for school. Why? Well, the title says it all. Today is Martin Luther King Day. For some people that is synonymous to holiday and 3 day weekend! To students and employees who need not wake up early today for school and work good for you then. That does not include me though. Unfortunately, I still had work today. But come to think of it the freeway was more, lets say, "free" today and there were less traffic on side streets and highways. I guess that includes less vehicular accidents as well. Oh that is good news!

Well, other than roadtrips, vacations, and additional hours of sleep, today marks an important day not only to Americans but to all people in the world. Today serves as an observation of Martin Luther King's birth. Now, who is he? What did he do? Why is he famous? Why do we observe this day for him? Well, other than the facts that he made this day a holiday possible and a lot of roads and places were named after him there's more to his name. Let me share with you some quick facts about Martin Luther King, Jr.

(source: Encarta.msn.com

Birth January 15, 1929
Death April 4, 1968
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia
Known for Leading the civil rights movement in the United States
Advocating nonviolent protest against segregation and racial discrimination

1954 Selected as pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama
1955 Received his Ph.D. in systematic theology from Boston University
1955-1956 Led a successful effort to desegregate Montgomery, Alabama, buses
1957 Helped found and served as the first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
1958 Published Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story
1963 Wrote 'Letter from Birmingham Jail,' arguing that it was his moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws
1963 Delivered his 'I Have a Dream' speech to civil rights marchers at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
1964 Won the Nobel Peace Prize
1965 Organized a mass march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, that created national support for federal voting-rights legislation
1968 Was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee

'I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.' August, 1963, in a speech to civil rights supporters at the March on Washington.

Did You Know
King's nonviolent doctrine was strongly influenced by the teachings of Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi.

In 1964, King became the first black American to be honored as Time magazine's Man of the Year.

King's efforts were not limited to securing civil rights; he also spoke out against poverty and the Vietnam War.

Okay, that was it. These are just some quick facts about who Martin Luther King, Jr is. He is someone definitely worth looking up to. If it wasn't for him and other civil rights activist, then maybe Americans may not have the kind of freedom they are enjoying right now. Well, come to think of it, not only Americans but people of other races and ethnicities as well. So next time before we drive off for a 3 day holiday on Martin King Luther Day lets give a minute to thank him and other civil rights activist for fighting for our freedom. To Martin Luther King, Jr, Happy Birth Anniversary and thank you.

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A Blogger's Nightmare

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You, blogger, what is your nightmare?

I experienced one last night that's for sure. What happened in my dream? Well, it wasn't a dream actually. It was more of a case of "Edz's Clumsiness Syndrome". Okay, another case of "Edz's Clumsiness Syndrome". What did I do this time? Well, I was just surfing the internet for some cool layouts for my blog. I wanted to change my current default template with something that describes me better and since it was already past midnight I was rushing things. Before starting everything I made a back up by saving the old template then pasted the code for the new one. After saving and clicking on yes buttons on every alert messages I thought I was ready for a change. After refreshing the page, I realized I was no longer ready for change. Right in front of me was a page with the design I wanted, however, the right side was already empty. My poll survey was not there anymore, my chatbox, my links, my ads, and my videos. All that was left were my posts, archive, and my profile icon. What was I going to do? I tried to undo everything by copying back the hmtl code from my old template then save. I thought that was just the case and I saw a new sign of hope. I thought I had everything back to normal. But instead of seeing my entire old blog, what I saved back other than the default layout were only the posts, archive, and profile icon. Nothing else! I tried to undo everything I did but an almost empty blog was what kept on coming out.

I was left with no chose but to do everything one by one. I had to add back all the elements of my page one by one. Whew! And that was already past my bedtime. (yeah, bedtime.) Okay, see that picture on the left? That was how I looked like. (laugh) So anyway, that was my nightmare!

To my links:
Pardon if you had to ask me again to add you to my links. I was probably too sleepy to remember to add you back. If ever you can't find your url on my links list please feel free to leave me a message or holler at me and I'll add your link back. Don't think I don't want you on my list 'cause I really do.
Anyway, that was my story of another case of "Edz's Clumsiness Syndrome". When will it strike again? I don't know. But for now, I might set aside the thought of editing my blog's face if I don't want to got through the anguish again.
Now, I can sleep soundly.

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Got to Believe in 27 Dresses

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Okay! Save tomorrow's date!!! And why?! Because tomorrow is the official release of the movie "27 Dresses" starring Katherine Heigl, from everyone's favorite "Grey's Anatomy," and James Marsden, from the hit movie "Enchanted".

Now let me give you a brief idea about this movie. Katherine Heigl plays the role of Jane who is a happy single who has been a bridesmaid to already 27 weddings. Well, she was not only the bridesmaid but she helped organized the weddings as well. Now this 27 is about to become 28 as her younger sister suddenly becomes engaged to her boss whom she is secretly deeply in love with. Now will she hold true the statement "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?" Well that's for the rest of us to find out tomorrow.

To watch the movie trailer just click on the link: http://www.27dressesthemovie.com/

But wait. "27 Dresses" actually reminds me of a Filipino movie entitled "Got to Believe". They have basically the same concept. I just love ""Got to Believe". Everything in it was so perfect. The script, the music, the setting, the actors, and just about all of it. The movie was starred by Claudine Barretto and the late Rico Yan who were also real life partners at that time. Toni (Claudine) was a fantastic wedding planner who was always a bridesmaid at her friends' weddings. Lorenz (Rico), on the other hand, was a talented photographer who was always hired to cover weddings. Toni always believed in happy endings and dreamt of someday finding her "Prince in shining armor". While Lorenz fears marriage and commitments and enjoys his bachelorhood. Both, who were former college schoolmates and nemesis, always had their paths crossed because of their professions. In their dreams of being successful in each of their fields they were forced to work with each other. And in the process they fell in love with each other as they fought their fears and learn the magic that love brings. In their partnership Toni found her perfect wedding and Lorenz discovered the perfect picture.

Oh by the way, let me just clarify some things. Prior to this post was an entry about baby names and this one is about love and marriage. That does not mean I want to get married and have a baby any time soon. No no no way!!! Marriage has not even crossed my mind and probably not in the next 10 years. But anyway, save tomorrow's date and enjoy the movie with whoever it is you are going with. Have fun!

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Baby Names for 2007

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I was checking my blog for any unpublished posts and here is one of them.
This list is helpful for expecting parents! *smile*

The top baby names for 2007: (now as to where I got this list? sorry I forgot where. but I assure you it's from a reliable and known source. If my memory serves me well its msn.com)

Top 10 Girl Names

  1. Sophia
  2. Isabella
  3. Emma
  4. Madison
  5. Ava
  6. Addison
  7. Hailey
  8. Emily
  9. Kaitlyn
  10. Olivia

Top 10 Boy Names

  1. Aiden
  2. Ethan
  3. Jacob
  4. Jayden
  5. Caleb
  6. Noah
  7. Jackson
  8. Jack
  9. Logan
  10. Matthew

Okay, there you have it. The top 10 boy and girl names for 2007. Of course some of these names made it to the list because of famous TV shows or characters. An example of which is the name "Addison" which we always hear from the hit TV series "Grey's Anatomy." Remember, Dr. Addison Montgomery? The ex-wife of Dr.Sheperd, played by Kate Walsh who now transferred to a similar TV series called "Private Practice." And of course like I said the others came from famous celebrities.

Did your name make it on the list? Well, I know mine did not. And I'm sure not even close. My name is a combination of both my parents' names. So I don't get to meet a lot of people who have the same name as mine (well, come to think of it, I don't really know one *laugh*). Well, at least my nephew's name made it - Ethan. I really love his name.

If your name made it on the list, let us hear about it. You can even share the story behind your name. To do it, just leave a comment on this post. I'm sure everyone would love to hear your side of the story. *smile*

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Game Show

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I've always loved watching game shows on television. Other than answering the questions by myself I feel like I'm learning while being entertained. Well, this afternoon I felt like I was participating in one. (Yeah, felt. Meaning I was never really in one.)

Everything happened in the DMV. For those who do not know what that means it stands for Department of Motor and Vehicles. I was there to take the driver's license knowledge test. I was 50 percent anxious at that time. Why? Well, I did not really prepare for the test. I skimmed through the Nevada Driver's Handbook and that was it. I did not know what else to study and how else to prepare myself. I totally had no idea what was coming out of the test. You think that's impossible huh? Well, who would I ask when I do not know anyone close here in Las Vegas. All my close friends and relatives are in California and they cannot really help me. Every state here in the U.S. have their own separate rules and laws (although they may have similar rules and regulations but still not 100 percent the same).

Now you might wonder what drove me to take the test unprepared. Well, I recently celebrated my birthday so I had the feeling that this is my month! I have this crazy idea that I have all the luck in the world right now and I should do everything I want while it is still on my side. Well, anyway let me tell you what happened. As soon as I got to the office I rushed to the information line and was told to wait outside the testing room. I tried to get the word "nervous" off my mind, however, how can I when all the people in the line were holding their handbooks and reviewing. I had nothing in my hands other than my application form and some documents for proof of identity. Since it was a saturday the line was too long and I was left with nothing to do but pray the rosary in my mind. Yes, pray. Though I felt I had all the luck, I know I desperately needed some Divine intervention especially since I was not totally prepared. And after the long wait it was my time to enter "the room" and test. I was given the computer number seven (talk about lucky seven huh?). As I proceeded it was there that I felt I entered the game show studio. All the lights were directed at me and my answers determined my fate. And what was at stake? Money? Well, how I wish but no. It was my reputation! Everyone expected I would only take the test once. It was a big deal that I pass it right away. Every question had 3 possible answers and after you click on a letter it would ask you whether you're sure of that answer. Before I would click on "Yes" I would first catch my breath as if absorbing all the luck around me. After about 2 seconds it would show "Correct" and then I felt I could breath again. Each time felt like a thorn was pulled out of my back and I was winning thousands of dollars. There were 50 questions and as I got to the 40th question the screen went all white! I thought the computer broke and I was going to collapse any second. I thought I lost all the thousands I already won! But instead the screen showed the words, "You have passed the test!" I did not need to finish it anymore since I already got through 80 percent without making any mistake. And I did feel that all the luck was on my side.
After another long wait, I paid the corresponding fee and had my picture taken. They took back my old Nevada Identification card and gave me a new one. With the driving privilege! Yey! Well, the test does not really end there. Again, how I wish but no. I still have one more to pass, the dreadful actual driving test! I do not know how I'll do with the skills test. I have the feeling I will not pass it with flying colors. Now in regards to my reputation, whether I take it once or twice or thrice. Well, I don't really know. But as they say "Practice makes perfect!" And I am not the person that easily gives up! So if you ask me "Deal or No Deal?" Deal!!!

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Black Nazarene and my grandfather

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Yesterday, January 9, was an important day in my home country. It was the feast day of the Black Nazarene. The Philippines is the only country that celebrates this spectacular religious event. And how do they celebrate it? Every 9th of January they place the 402 year old statue in a gilded carriage and barefooted men pull it from Saint John the Baptist Church (also known as Quiapo Church or Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene) around the streets of Quiapo, Manila. Devotees around the country join the procession and hope to touch the statue in the belief that it would heal whatever disease they have. They also throw white handkerchiefs and towels for the men in the carriage to rub on the statue in the hopes that doing so would transfer some of its' miracles or healing powers to the clothes.

It was reported this year by Manila Police Department District Director Senior Supt. Roberto Rosales that the crowd swelled to about 2.2 to 2.6 million. The 4.7 km-route ended at about 9:45 in the evening after starting in mid-afternoon. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of the crowd about 50 devotees were injured and 2 other died.
Anyway, that was basically what happened to the procession this year. But I'm not going to end this post here for I would want to share a family story I recently heard from my dad. He told me that my grandfather was a Black Nazarene devotee! There was a time in the past that my uncle (my grandfather's eldest son) got really sick and my grandfather petitioned his recovery to the Black Nazarene. And guess what? My uncle recovered from his illness. Afterwards my grandfather donated a statue of Quiapo's patron saint to our hometown, Surigao City. He contributed one that was the exact same size as the one in Quiapo Church. Yes, that news shocked me! I remember as a little girl I used to gaze at that huge statue and wonder why it was black. I would even imitate other people and touch it then make the sign of the cross. All the while it was donated to the cathedral by my own grandfather.

I've heard all sorts of great stories about my grandfather and hearing another one only makes me more proud of him especially since I never met him. He died few years before I was born. Well actually, few years before my parents even met. Sadly, I only saw 2 pictures of him which don't really help in painting him in my mind. But anyway that was my family story; the Black Nazarene and my late grandfather.

After my dad told me about my grandfather's deed I asked him, "Wow Dad my grandfather really did contribute a lot of great things to our city. How about you? What are you going to contribute to our hometown?"
And my dad replied, "Me? I'm going to donate a Casino!"

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Blogthings Tests

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I took the following tests a few months ago so probably my results would differ by now but anyways, here are the results.

Your Scholastic Strength Is Evaluating

You are great at looking at many details and putting them all together.
You are talented at detecting subtle trends, accuracy, and managing change.

You should major in:

Conflict studies

Okay, for the next test I have two results. I had to take it twice 'cause there were questions where two answers fit me.
Your Dominant Intelligence is Musical Intelligence

Every part of your life has a beat, and you're often tapping your fingers or toes.
You enjoy sounds of all types, but you also find sound can distract you at the wrong time.
You are probably a gifted musician of some sort - even if you haven't realized it.
Also a music lover, you tend to appreciate artists of all kinds.

You would make a great musician, disc jockey, singer, or composer.

Your Dominant Intelligence is Interpersonal Intelligence

You shine in your ability to realate to and understand others.
Good at seeing others' points of view, you get how people think and feel.
You have an uncanny ability to sense true feelings, intentions, and motivations.
A natural born leader, you are great at teaching and mediating conflict.

You would make a good counselor, salesperson, politician, or business person.

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