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I've always loved watching game shows on television. Other than answering the questions by myself I feel like I'm learning while being entertained. Well, this afternoon I felt like I was participating in one. (Yeah, felt. Meaning I was never really in one.)

Everything happened in the DMV. For those who do not know what that means it stands for Department of Motor and Vehicles. I was there to take the driver's license knowledge test. I was 50 percent anxious at that time. Why? Well, I did not really prepare for the test. I skimmed through the Nevada Driver's Handbook and that was it. I did not know what else to study and how else to prepare myself. I totally had no idea what was coming out of the test. You think that's impossible huh? Well, who would I ask when I do not know anyone close here in Las Vegas. All my close friends and relatives are in California and they cannot really help me. Every state here in the U.S. have their own separate rules and laws (although they may have similar rules and regulations but still not 100 percent the same).

Now you might wonder what drove me to take the test unprepared. Well, I recently celebrated my birthday so I had the feeling that this is my month! I have this crazy idea that I have all the luck in the world right now and I should do everything I want while it is still on my side. Well, anyway let me tell you what happened. As soon as I got to the office I rushed to the information line and was told to wait outside the testing room. I tried to get the word "nervous" off my mind, however, how can I when all the people in the line were holding their handbooks and reviewing. I had nothing in my hands other than my application form and some documents for proof of identity. Since it was a saturday the line was too long and I was left with nothing to do but pray the rosary in my mind. Yes, pray. Though I felt I had all the luck, I know I desperately needed some Divine intervention especially since I was not totally prepared. And after the long wait it was my time to enter "the room" and test. I was given the computer number seven (talk about lucky seven huh?). As I proceeded it was there that I felt I entered the game show studio. All the lights were directed at me and my answers determined my fate. And what was at stake? Money? Well, how I wish but no. It was my reputation! Everyone expected I would only take the test once. It was a big deal that I pass it right away. Every question had 3 possible answers and after you click on a letter it would ask you whether you're sure of that answer. Before I would click on "Yes" I would first catch my breath as if absorbing all the luck around me. After about 2 seconds it would show "Correct" and then I felt I could breath again. Each time felt like a thorn was pulled out of my back and I was winning thousands of dollars. There were 50 questions and as I got to the 40th question the screen went all white! I thought the computer broke and I was going to collapse any second. I thought I lost all the thousands I already won! But instead the screen showed the words, "You have passed the test!" I did not need to finish it anymore since I already got through 80 percent without making any mistake. And I did feel that all the luck was on my side.
After another long wait, I paid the corresponding fee and had my picture taken. They took back my old Nevada Identification card and gave me a new one. With the driving privilege! Yey! Well, the test does not really end there. Again, how I wish but no. I still have one more to pass, the dreadful actual driving test! I do not know how I'll do with the skills test. I have the feeling I will not pass it with flying colors. Now in regards to my reputation, whether I take it once or twice or thrice. Well, I don't really know. But as they say "Practice makes perfect!" And I am not the person that easily gives up! So if you ask me "Deal or No Deal?" Deal!!!


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Hey Edz!! So yeah, binasa ko tong blog mo na to and just wanna say na pareho lang tyo...kind of..haha...

i can say na pareho tyo ksi nung nag take ako ng test sa DMV eh di din ako nag study...we did the same...i just skimmed through the DMV handbook...hehe..

pero unlike you, nung nag take ako ng test eh di ako kinabahan, even though i dont feel like its my lucky day, or somthin...heh..

oh and yeah...in my test, i have 80 questions total but i just did 71 cuz i passed it with only 1 mistake...buti nlang...hehe...fine by me as long as i pass it the first time..hahhaha...:P

so yeah...

anyways..nice post...I can relate to it..:D

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