A Blogger's Nightmare

Posted by -edz- on 11:50 PM in
You, blogger, what is your nightmare?

I experienced one last night that's for sure. What happened in my dream? Well, it wasn't a dream actually. It was more of a case of "Edz's Clumsiness Syndrome". Okay, another case of "Edz's Clumsiness Syndrome". What did I do this time? Well, I was just surfing the internet for some cool layouts for my blog. I wanted to change my current default template with something that describes me better and since it was already past midnight I was rushing things. Before starting everything I made a back up by saving the old template then pasted the code for the new one. After saving and clicking on yes buttons on every alert messages I thought I was ready for a change. After refreshing the page, I realized I was no longer ready for change. Right in front of me was a page with the design I wanted, however, the right side was already empty. My poll survey was not there anymore, my chatbox, my links, my ads, and my videos. All that was left were my posts, archive, and my profile icon. What was I going to do? I tried to undo everything by copying back the hmtl code from my old template then save. I thought that was just the case and I saw a new sign of hope. I thought I had everything back to normal. But instead of seeing my entire old blog, what I saved back other than the default layout were only the posts, archive, and profile icon. Nothing else! I tried to undo everything I did but an almost empty blog was what kept on coming out.

I was left with no chose but to do everything one by one. I had to add back all the elements of my page one by one. Whew! And that was already past my bedtime. (yeah, bedtime.) Okay, see that picture on the left? That was how I looked like. (laugh) So anyway, that was my nightmare!

To my links:
Pardon if you had to ask me again to add you to my links. I was probably too sleepy to remember to add you back. If ever you can't find your url on my links list please feel free to leave me a message or holler at me and I'll add your link back. Don't think I don't want you on my list 'cause I really do.
Anyway, that was my story of another case of "Edz's Clumsiness Syndrome". When will it strike again? I don't know. But for now, I might set aside the thought of editing my blog's face if I don't want to got through the anguish again.
Now, I can sleep soundly.


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