A Saturday of Compliments

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Warning: This post is a personal entry.

I have been trying to avoid writing entries that talk about my personal experiences because I think of this blog as a way to inform people of life’s various simple lessons. Yeah, some of my posts may not outrightly show those lessons but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Well, isn’t life like that? Life doesn’t shout to us all the answers right away. It whispers to us and asks us to listen patiently. But anyways, getting back on track, this blog is about everyone’s journey.

I know I’ve been really busy these past few weeks as you’ve noticed in my blog. The next couple of weeks will be worse. My finals start this week until the next 2 weeks. Then after that hopefully my spring semester will be totally over. Meaning, I can move on to the next level and finish all my courses with flying colors. I can already sense and smell the sweet scent of success and achievements. Anyways, I was just dreaming. I’m still a bit far from the end of this chapter’s race.

The past couple of weeks have been tough for me. I’ve been slacking off and kinda rushing to beat time and the urge to stay online for hours (like now). Although, I think the hard work is being paid off at the end of most days. And yesterday was one of those days. Yeah, some days don’t really pay off all the efforts I’ve put into.

During Saturdays I usually go to school because I have a general education course scheduled to meet once a week for about 3 hours straight. We had a major exam and a paper due about a week prior to yesterday’s in-class meeting so the professor was due to give back the results. I felt really uneasy when he was giving back the papers since he was commenting on everyone’s performance. He said to one of my classmates, “Outstanding job!” I didn’t know how I did so I felt he would say negative comments or nothing at all. And then it was my turn, he held my paper close to his chest as he thought of the right words to use then he finally said, “Absolutely super A student. You perfected the exam!” Wow. I think I pretty much turned red at that time. Just the perfect words. At that moment my smile felt like it was about to tear my whole face.

Anyways, fast-forward. Right after class, I was the second person about to leave the room when the professor called me. He said, “You’re doing a fantastic job in this class. In fact, you’re one of the best students I’ve ever had.” Here in the States cases like this seldom happen. College professors don’t normally give too much attention to their students’ performance. Ei, I don’t mean to say they do not care at all. By it I mean, for example, they don’t normally approach students to tell them they’re doing great in class. In here when you have a problem, as the student, you have the responsibility to approach your instructor and not the other way around. I mean, we’re already in college right? We’re no longer kids.

So that was how my yesterday (Saturday) went.
It wasn’t a “best day” but that day served a witnessed of how someone’s hard work does really pay off.


Hi edz! woah that's so good to hear! Kaw Edz ha everywhere you go you always excel, I'm so proud (char). ^_^

Keep it up Edz! I know that you have very high places that you can reach someday.

And yup malapit nah, hehehe. I'm already packing my stuff na nga eh hehehe. Anyway, always take care! ^_^

Charice in a different league! haha.
Yeah, hardwork pays off and compliments do matter..though they easily expire to keep your ego afloat for long.

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