Ramiele Malubay Leaves American Idol

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Tomorrow another episode of everyone’s favorite show – The American Idol – will air. Unfortunately, the Filipino community, or probably most of the Asian community, might not be so enthusiastic about tomorrow’s performances. As we all know the only representative of the Asian community was voted out from the competition last week. Yes, I’m talking about Ramiele Malubay. For some fans, it was a shocker! On the other hand, though, some viewers might have already anticipated her exit. I missed that night’s show, but I must admit I was disappointed too when I learned she was eliminated from “Idol.”

Some people argue that she should have stayed and “Idol” should have been a competition based on talent and not on popularity. However, the latter’s a very debatable topic so I don’t want to touch and elaborate that issue. What happened already happened. Although Ramiele will no longer perform weekly in the competition, she has already proven herself to the world. She has already proven her talent and versatility. She’s not only a great performer but also a friend and a daughter. As the judges say, she has a great voice for a small girl. Yeah, Ramiele! That’s how we are!

Being in the top 9 is already a great achievement. No t everyone could get to have the opportunities you’ve experienced. Although we would no longer be regularly seeing you in “Idol,” we will always be your fans. Just as you are proud to be an Asian and to represent us, we are also very proud to have you represent us in Hollywood’s music industry. This won’t be the last we’ll see of you. Good luck and always keep your feet planted on the ground. Like what Ryan said, “You did a tremendous job!”

Below is a clip of Ramiele’s elimination from “Idol.”


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