Random thoughts.

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a quote.
It's not love that hurts it's the absence of it that does. Who says time heals?
You don't get over the pain. You'll just learn to get along with the pain and live with it through time.

a song.
Mahal, nasaan ka na?
bakit iniwan mo ako?
bakit tuluyang lumayo?
ikaw ba'y nagsawa na?
ako ba'y nagkulang sa iyo?
sabihin mo. sabihin mo mahal.

one afternoon.
If people would ask you how are we, what will you tell them?
You said you were going to tell them that we're "ok." And why was I being a drama queen again?
Then you said I was complicating things in my life. They're more complicated than you think. You said I should make it easy then. I wish it is that easy. Then I wouldn't be......

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