Twinkle Little Stars

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A couple of days ago, I random question hit me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the answer myself. So I thought I’d post that question here and ask your opinions about it.

Do you believe in zodiac signs compatibility? Like, how you’re unconsciously attracted to the sign astrology says you’re compatible with. Why and why not? Were there any experiences that caused you to believe such?

I know it sounds like a childish question. But seriously, have you thought of whether it's true that the stars can tell the future? 'Cause that's how the famous seer, Nostradamus, read the future. So I hope you can help me find a conclusion to this query. Thank you.

Photo from: Holly Strouse


yup, i believe that
capricorn and taurus
are really compatible with
each other..

kung sino man yun
sagutin mo na!

hahaha.. anonymous.. i don't think you're that anonymous after all.

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