Why I FacebookED?

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Okay. The truth is I am so tired of all these social networking sites that just pop out of nowhere. Then friends would keep emailing you to sign up and add them on these particular sites. I mean, what can I get from those?

First, there was friendster. Everyone got so overwhelmed about it. Then there was this and that. And something new came up. Then something else. AAhhhrggg! Sign up here and there. Password here and email there. It's just the same things over and over again. You connect with your friends and meet strangers online. That's basically the purpose of it. Well, aside from others who plan on sending crazy death threats to other users and for online predators that just don't have anything better to do with their time on the internet.

I admit, I used to sign up for these networking sites. I had friendster, tagged, Hi5, myspace, multiply, and something else. Actually 2 or 3 more something else. Then I got tired of them. You can tell because there's so many of them I can no longer remember which ones I signed up for. They all have similar features while at the same time one site may have a special feature that others don't.

Well, we all know among all the social networking sites out there MySpace is definitely the biggest. But other than MySpace, there is another networking site that is rapidly growing on the internet nowadays. Why? I have no idea. But you guessed it right! It's Facebook!
Now, as much as I am already annoyed with all these networking sites, I was left with no choice but to sign up and open an account for myself. How can I not when all my classmates here in the U.S. use it to communicate and update each other daily. Okay, so I thought of giving it a try since a present classmate tagged it "the new millenium of networking sites". (Mark, see I took your word and openned an account. This better be worth my time.)

So now, here I am again, victimized by the Internet Age and this generation of networking sites. Whatever might happen to my accout in the future, well be it. (Just so you know my MySpace got hacked in the past. I just don't know if that change of password helped. But there is still that annoying cloud on my profile page that when clicked a undesirable - well undesirable for me - website would just pop up. But here I am already.

If you want to add me as your Facebook friend just leave me a comment here and I'll take the necessary steps. But take note, I will be updating my Friendster more often than any of my other networking accounts. Happy Networking!


hahahaa!! I thought so...:P..

sabi na nga ba meron ka eh=))haha

hahaha! bago lang ung.. last weekend ko lang ginawa. hehe. gawa ka rin ng sayo kung gusto mo. hehe. ;)

nyahahha!!! dadamay mo pa ako huh!!?!?=))..hahaahah!!!!:P:P:P
yoko na...ok na ako sa frienster ko...hehe..

kakapagod na gumawa and i maintain ang mga accnts...tpos pag meron nnman lumabas dun nnman..hahaa..bahala na..saka na ako gagawa ng accnt kpag madami na akong friends dun sa which ever site nnman..hehe..:P:P...baka gumawa pa ako...pro..probably not..hehe..

i know. i dont open it nga eh unless may notice email akong makita about something new sa account ko. hehe. pero hopefully soon. i could extend my network and madadagdagan na yun. hehe.

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