Pick Up Lines 1

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Here are some lines that.. Well, you decide if they work or not.

-----Scene 1-----

Guy1: Uy, email mo naman ako. Kailan tayo papakasal? (Ei, email me. When are we getting married?)

Me: Anong pakasal ka jan. Tseh! Add mo nalang pala ako sa friendster. Nakita ko dun mga anak mo. (What marriage are you talking about. Ei, accept my friend request on friendster. I saw your children there.)

Guy1: Ha?!? Nakita mo friendster ko? (What?!? You saw my friendster?)

Me: Oo nga. Nakita ko pa nga dun yung mga anak mo. (Yeah. That's where I saw your kids.)

Guy1: Walangya. Talaga?!?! (****** For real?!?!)

-----Scene 2-----

Guy1: Ang ganda mo pala. Bat di ka nag-artista? (You know what, you're beautiful. Why didn't you try to be an actress?)

Me: Tseh! Tigilan mo nga ako. Sumbong kita sa asawa mo eh. (Will you just cut it out or else I'll tell your wife.)
Guy1: Hindi kasi hihiwalayan ko na asawa ko. Pakakasalan kita. (No, 'cause I'll divorce my wife. I want to marry you.)

Me: Ewan ko sayo. Tigilan mo nga ako. (I don't know with you. Will you just cut it out.)

Guy1: Uhmmp. Bakit nakalagay sa friendster mo married ka na? (Why does your friendster say you're already married?)

Me: Eh gusto ko nga lang eh. Pauso. ('Cause I just want to. Just setting a trend)

Guy1: Ang ganda mo talaga. Iniisip nga kita kagabi eh. (You really are beautiful. In fact, I was thinking of you last night.)

Me: Hoy. Kilabutan ka nga sa sinasabi mo. Sumbong kita sa asawa mo eh. (Ei. Do you even hear what your saying. I would really tell your wife.)

Guy1: Hindi kasi gusto na ng mga anak ko ng bagong mommy. Yung maganda raw. (No, 'cause my children wants a new mommy. They want someone beautiful.)

Me: Ewan ko sayo. Sira ka talaga. (I don't know with you. You really are crazy.)

Guy1: Nasisiraan kasi nababaliw ako sayo eh. Ang ganda mo kasi. (I really am losing my mind. I'm going crazy over you 'cause you're beautiful.)

Lesson 101:
Okay guys. The next time you attempt to flirt with a girl (lady, woman, whatever!) try to make sure you got no attachments. Because as they say no secrets can be concealed forever. Someway somehow we will know the skeletons in your closets. Remember, we're women. We got great instincts. In short: Always be honest!

By the way, I'm not sure if you'll approve of how I translated the conversations. That's the best I can give you right now. If there are any errors I'll edit them soon.

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hmmm...sounds so familiar=))LOL!!!:P

hahah..ok ang post mo ah..:P

I like it..hehehehe...

hahaha...grabe na pangilad...

ok ha...hehehe


ford: it sounds familiar to you kasi nakwento ko na sayo toh. i thought of posting it 'cause it seems funny that i kind of found an underlying lesson to it.

juney: i know grabe mangilad. sorry to him ako iya gi-tripan na dili musakay. suplada gud. hehe. =P
glad you liked it. thanks for droppin by.

ang galing! nakakatuwa!

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