Girls Are Special

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A Girl is Special, Created by God.

if she talks, she wants you to listen
if you listen, she wants you to talk.

if you kiss her, you're not a gentleman
if you dont, you're not a man.

if you agree to all her likes, your a wimp
if you dont, you're not understanding..

so simple yet so complex
so weird yet so beautiful.


i don't one hundred percent agree to the post above.
but it's fun to read. quite true though.
that makes us ladies special.
and we hope that men see our true value.


Hahaha!!! ^^

Aren't we indeed special? :P

hehe.. yes chee! we indeed are..
and it's just sad that guys fail to see that.. i dunno if they're blind or plain stupid..

hahaha!!!! just kiddin'.. but jokes are......

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