Prayer for the War

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Last week there were prayer vigils and rallies held in almost every state in America to mark the 5th year anniversary of the war in Iraq. Some people say that the war is over and Americans are now helping the Iraqis fix their country. While on the other hand, some would argue that the war is still going on and it will not end any time soon.

Whether you believe the war has ended or not doesn’t really matter. There are still thousands of soldiers out there risking their lives. Back in 2001, almost the entire world mourned over the loss during the “terrorist attack” in America. Almost every citizen in the United States wanted to attack Iraq, to have revenge, and to seek justice.
Now, five years later, thousands of American soldiers have already died and still the war isn’t officially over. The number of fatalities of both American soldiers and Iraqis continues to rise.

Last night, four US soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb. Over 5 years of war, the death toll of American soldiers had officially reached 4,000. That number only represents the fatalities of American soldiers, how about their “enemies?” How many people, both innocent and guilty, have died all in all? How many families have suffered from lost and longing? How many children were born and raised without their fathers? Or both parents? How many soldiers are suffering from depression and frustration? How many lives have been affected?

Whether the war should have been started or not no longer matters. What matters most are the lives of the people. We all live in one world and we are all affected by this war. No matter what officials are going to do about the war right now, one thing’s for sure – the killings will not end soon.

I hope we all pray for the soldiers doing their jobs and the innocent Iraqis trying to live in peace. We don’t know when the killings would end, but we all know that there is someone who continues to listen. I know not everyone believes in a divine being but I know we all yearn for someone to take us away from the sorrows we are experiencing. Prayer is our best weapon in times like this.


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