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So I did my usual rounds of computer activities this morning; I checked my emails on yahoo, my friendster, and multiply. Then I realized I needed to google up something for school so, of course, where would I start to “google up” something? At Google of course! I clicked on my little Google icon then suddenly the their usual white main page was black. For a second, I thought something was wrong with my laptop or I accidentally pressed a wrong key.

I got surprised to know that even Google experiences blackouts.
*Laughing* Of course, they do.. not! It turned out that they are participating in the worldwide energy conservation effort called Earth Hour. I’m not going to elaborate on this Earth Hour for I want you to discover and learn it for yourself.
So please visit their website and click on the link: 60 Earth Hour

I’ve also posted a copy of their main page video here

Here is also how Google’s page looked like when they forgot to pay last month’s electricity bills: Google Earth Hour

Now, I don’t want to rant about global warming because I trust my readers to already know about it. Well, maybe not a lot of information about it but at least some general idea as to what it is and how it affects the entire world. Another reason why I also don’t want to start explaining is because I did researches and written papers about this major issue and if I try to share it here I might not end any time soon. (you wouldn’t want that for sure)

Let me just share with you three simple things I regularly do to contribute in the reduction of global warming:
1. Turn off lights when not in use. In fact, even unplug my laptop from time to time while using it especially when I know the battery’s already full. So pull up those blinds, open those curtains and windows, and greet the lovely sunshine! Not only will you save on electricity but letting some sun into your house also kills bacteria inside.
2. Reduce the wattage of the light bulbs. So I actually convinced my whole family to change the wattage of the light bulbs we use in the entire house. Come to think of it, by doing so you not only contribute to global warming reduction but also lower down your electric bills. *wink*
3. Share the knowledge! Of course, little actions help reduce this global phenomenon but it also helps a lot if we share that knowledge to other people. They may know about this issue but they may not actually be doing something to help. Sharing some information may entice them to start acting on it. Hey, it doesn’t take you a minute to say “Ei Buddy, by the way can you please turn off the lights if you’re not using it. That really helps a lot in reducing Global Warming. Thanks my friend”.

Other than my research papers, I get additional information from the organizations I signed up with – organizations that promote awareness and action about this global issue. I also receive regular updates from emails and postal mails. And I hope you guys do it too.

Let us love our planet guys. Let us all unite in saving it. It’s our mother. And it’s our home. Let’s go and make a difference.


That was pretty informative. hehe. I actually didnt have an idea why Google's screen went black. hehe. yup, we have to make Earth a better place.I wish LA supported Earth Hour too..

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