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last tuesday was my first day at work. and today, i received my very first paycheck. then deposited it right away to my checking account. soon i will open my own credit card to slowly build my credit. sad to say, America lives on credit. when you have no credit history you are nothing.

when he said he wanted to look for a date; he was just joking. and he was sorry.

at work:
be careful to key-in all the data, or else your credibility will lay on the line.

sometimes it takes more than Gray, Green and Brown to get the desired G-15 tint result for the lenses. sometimes, it needs a bit of Blue.

on the first day, though you want to make an impression, make sure you can last through the whooooole day. so wear flats instead of high heels to be more comfortable.

always double check to avoid errors, 'cause people make mistakes.

some people adapt easily while some don't.

sometimes it's better to play safe with your assets. 50-50.

in 2006, 68% of movies in the United States were rated PG-13.

yesterday, 228 couples married in the Norwalk government office in Los Angeles County.


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