valentine's day!

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it's nice that i can get to celebrate each event for almost two days -- in Philippine time and Pacific time here in the States. like Valentine's day and our monthsaries. =)

nothing beats a text message from a friend working in Taiwan whom you've been trying to contact for the past couple of weeks. Ate Bon, we have a lot of things to talk about! Answer your phone the next time I'll call. 'Cause I don't understand your voicemail. =)

we all have a goal in mind, but at times we forget that goal and need to be reminded. that's why i had to cut out my goal from the brochure and put it in my organizer. and it looks good there.

when all you had for the whole day is bread, you lose your diet when dinner comes and they serve shrimps. i never want to spoil the night when i know all my dad wants is to rest. well, me too!

Valentine's day is RED day! red roses, red balloons, teddy bears, etc. it is expected that almost everyone would want to wear red -- though others are in denial of that.
unfortunately, it is also tied to the word -- CONSUMERISM. People would buy gifts for each other. when it doesn't have to be valentine's day to be able to find time to express one's love and care for others. while sellers take advantage and raise the prices of their items because of the high demand. consumerism. =(

nothing beats the feeling when the one you love tells you how you made their day great just by being you. and for having you in their lives.


One small gesture of love is by sending flowers. You can check out my Poulsbo Florist for some great deals. ^^

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