As I Bare It

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Some Things Most People Don't Know About Me:
(even my own family don't know me that much. what do you expect 5 years away from home.)

  • I HATE cats. Some may look cute and adorable but I get goose bumps every time I see one.
  • I am not afraid of insects. I may partly freak out but only when they crawl up to me because they are that dirty and disgusting. But I am not scared.
  • I love to stare at the sky and gaze up at the stars.
  • I do believe in wishing upon a star - my wish once came true.
  • I make a wish every time an eyelash lands on my cheeks and when I play the solitaire.
  • Ultimate crush since like forever = John Paolo Prats. Cute = Freddie Prince, Jr. and Ricky Ullman.
  • I am not the Barbie type of girl. (proof? huh! just watch my debut DVD.)
  • When I was a little girl, though I had really long hair like Barbie's, every time after opening the box of my new Barbie doll I pass it on right away and give it to my sister. And right before I graduated from grade school, I gave all my dolls away to a friend who never experienced having one.
  • I am very eager to learn how to play the drums and improve my guitar and piano skills.
  • And I want to be a singer. WHHOOOOOPPPSSSS!!! I can't believe I just spilled that one out. SSSHHH!!

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There are times when my own family get shocked with my own actions and preferences. Those 5 years away from them sure did influence me a lot. I am my own person, way different from my own mother and father. uhhmmm. No wonder it seems like world war 3 when we're all around.


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