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I was texting my boyfriend yesterday and we were joking around. It felt good because I wasn't sounding like my usual too serious self! And we sure did finish our conversation in a nice way.

It's always nice to joke about serious matters. It makes the topics less serious (and scary, I should say) yet both parties continue to learn something new from the other. Joking may sometimes be necessary, to get the answers that your looking for, as long as one is sensitive enough so as not to offend the other. Or else, your jokes may not end up in laughters.

to a friend
Thanks for opening to me. I know we're not really that close but you trusted me with your secret - your emotions, and your actions. Thanks for showing me the real you. Like I told you, I'm honored. And I will always be around.

I won't tell them what you did wrong. But I will tell you directly that it is. 'Cause I'm your friend.

Relationship 101:
I had the chance to chat with two of my guy friends yesterday. And I interviewed them about some perceived "meanness" regarding the guy's world to better understand guys (guys - i refer to those who are more knowledgeable than boys yet less mature than men).

Together with the stories and surveys i had read in one of my most visited Pinoy websites, I have come to these conclusions (well, not really conclusions) - regarding one of the most talked about at the same time avoided questions about relationships.

Girls or Ladies (I should say):
Don't just give in to your "guys" demands and deceiving wishes.
Both Gents and Ladies:
Before entering a relationship you should first know your partner (and most importantly your self. of course!). Always be SURE of your FEELINGS.
Be sure you know what you're doing and the CONSEQUENCES attached to your ACTIONS.
- Ask yourself if that is right (morally)
- Are you ready? (emotionally, spiritually, and financially)

There are more questions and other realities to check. Basing on the surveys I've read, mostly everyone knew what to do and what they are doing. Everyone knows! We all do!
We ALL just have to remember that we have our own FREE WILL and the gift of CHOICE.

Ladies, THINK! Guys won't loose anything. But you will loose a lot. Love? It can be expressed in many ways. LOVE YOURSELF.
Gents, THINK! If you really love your partner, like you say so, show that you really do. RESPECT them.


EDZ, one question: YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND? :o Woah... Someone's not updating. Hahaha!!! ^^

Anyways, i agree that it's so fun to have joke-full conversations. It makes me smile at night and makes me sleepless. Wee. :P

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