I Made My Sister Cry

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Well, sorry I didn't really make her cry. I'm not that witch type of sister that people usually see on TV. Here is what happened:

I woke up early today to join my job orientation. Just when you think that would be a really exciting activity, I was there for 10 hours!!! Yes, 10 HOURS of orientation!!! How exhausting can that get, right? Good thing they pay us for the hours that we were there or my companions and I would have rallied and protested. So after a really exhausting day I had to spend a couple more minutes with errands before finally driving back home. Of course my loving family didn't eat dinner yet because they were waiting for me. I dozed off for a bit while waiting for my siblings to finish setting the table. During dinner my sister asked me if I have work during Saturdays and Sundays and I said yes. And she got sad because she thinks I have been so busy lately that we had very little time to talk to each other. My mom said I could come with them to the movies this Saturday since I will get of work early. But I refused to. As much as I love movies, I have to study for the two exams I have for Monday. Then tears fell on my sister's cheeks as she said that she's okay since she once got used to the life of not being with me. And I saw my mom's frustration as she dropped her head when she knew I can't go with them again.

Just so you know, last Saturday, they all went out for movies from 1 in the afternoon until 10 in the evening. It was part of our father's day weekend but I did not go with them.

To my family:
Although I don't really need to work while attending school, I want to. I want to help the family by supporting and financing my own education and other expenses. It's okay, I know I have been away for 5 years since I was 12 (until 2 years ago when we moved together). You didn't see me grow and fight for the values you have instilled in me when I was little. I don't want to say "you'll get use to it like you once did" and I won't. Just remember that all I'm doing is for you. It is not really my responsibility but that's how much I love you. You don't have to ask for me to give.


yikes this reminds me back when i was in college when i was also working part time while studying and it was so hard and time consuming that in the end i realized i had been too busy to even have a better social life and have time with my family. anyway as for your situation, i do understand what you're doing but i guess i would suggest that you should try to spend time with them if not once a week even once or twice a month even for a few hours. your family especially that sister of yours who cried, im sure they just miss your company a lot :) besides, think of it a a break from all the hard work you're doing and relax and enjoy the 'break' with people you love and who loves you.

that's so sweet of you edz. :) grabe... :) i admire your courage and strength all for love of family. :)

How sad but you have reasons so they should understand.

You are one independent girl, that is good!

aww, amazing woman! go, girl! :)
by the way, this is Colored Heart. got ur link from A Blessed Life. Let's exchange links, ok? :) I like your spot here! :)
GTG! Take care! God bless you!

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