Where Have I Been?

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1. I am taking summer classes to speed up my major.
2. I got my official driver’s license a couple of weeks ago (no longer a permit). Hence, I now hold the responsibility of driving myself to school, to work, and to wherever else I need to go to. That's an additional responsibility that eats up my time. I spend about 30 minutes driving from home to school and another 30 minutes back. That does not include the drive to and from work yet.
3. Before getting my license, I used to make my dad my personal driver. Now that I got my license, my siblings are making me their personal driver.
4. I have a new part time job, thus, that's another 24 hours of my week (minimum).
5. The past two weeks was spent preparing requirements for my new job. (Hassle, really!)
6. I still review my sister for her upcoming Math proficiency exam and my youngest brother with his daily homework. So, daily, when I get home I am not greeted with “rest” just yet but with more tasks. (That’s what I get for being the eldest.)
7. From time to time my other brother still bugs me to teach him how to play guitar. And every time he asks I give him the same responses – "I am busy", "I have an exam to study for," or "I'm writing an essay/research paper." (I guess he just has to wait ‘till I graduate. Haha!)
8. The top two questions people ask me all the time are "How are you?" and "How is your love life?" Here are my answers to that, which by the way are the same 99 % of the time: "I am okay, thank you for asking" and "I am too busy for that."
9. I have exams, quizzes, and practicals every day! Talk about the pleasures of summer school.
10. Writing all the updates above makes my mind go crazy.
11. As I am writing this I am memorizing stuff for my test which is in an hour from now.
12. I now have two blogs, both of which I struggle to maintain since I am too busy with my other life. (Do I even have a life?)

So that explain it my co-bloggers as to why I have been absent from the blogging scene for the past couple of weeks. I have been doing so many things with the thinking that I am invincible to sickness. But I was wrong. Even superheroes get tired and sick. Haha.


oh you really have a super hectic life!!!..glad to know that you're ok... How's your love life ?? hahaha! just kidding!

Take it easy though..I mean your work, studies and etc..you've got to give yourself some time to rest.

Oh you're so lucky that you already have a driver's license!

Anyway I'm sure glad that I don't have classes yet cause I would be too busy too. But hey you're almost a graduate so you only have to bare a little bit more then you're off to your successful career.

Hey Edz what course are you taking anyway?

Hey Edz...

Yep, you have a life alright. A busy one at that.

Actually, being busy is good. What's that saying again? "An idle mind is the playground of the devil"..haha..tama ba yun?

Anyway, just hopping here to see what you're up to. Now I know...haha.


Thanks for dropping by my site..it's my pleasure to change links with you..in fact, I added you up already! Cheers!!

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