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Posted by -edz- on 12:19 AM
Hi everyone. How's it going?

Okay it's late and I shouldn't be blogging considering the amount of pending works I need to do. But I'm excited for I came across some ideas today. Anyway, just so you know, I am planning to do some changes in my blog for the next couple of weeks. Are they major ones? I'm not really sure yet. No definite plans but I'm working on that. If some of you may remember, in the past i already made the attempt of changing my beloved blog but I failed. I was so paranoid of loosing all the contents that I stopped and, in fact, had to re-add some of the links in my blog roll. So if all of a sudden your site's link is no longer in my list just let me know.
Don't wonder if some widgets or add on's might become missing all of a sudden. Hopefully this time i won't make the same mistake again. I might need your help though. Anyone willing to edit my blog for me? SOS! *smiles*

Well, I might try to see what I can do (by myself) perhaps this time I might actually succeed but if I fail again (crossed fingers) then.. I might break down and you won't see me blogging for the next year or so. Hopefully it's the former. I might have to dig out the "Tech geek" in me. Alright, as I always say "Happy blogging!" Hopefully my thinking cap will work this time.

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yo. i think I know how. lol =) -Vegas

Bro, it is much better to backup everything in your side bad before doing anything in your blog. If you don't know how to backup your BLOGROLL, just follow this! "High-lights all the blogroll that you have in your sidebar then right click, then find the word view selection source"
That's it you can know see all of the URL links that is written in your blogroll. Hope that will help you in any ways. Enjoy blogging!

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