May - A New Beginning

Posted by -edz- on 10:19 PM
Another month is here! April is history!
By the way, how did this month start for all of you? Mine.. is so so.

As you can tell I've been away from the blogging scene for quite some time... again. Yeah, I always disappear from time to time. It's to make like exciting.
A lot has happened within the past few weeks; finals in school, met old friends from other states, help people, planned, failed, succeeded, etc. To sum it all up: a lot!

However, I am excited though. Well, actually more like filled with mixed emotions. Why? Because I am starting a new chapter in my life pretty soon. A more serious chapter as I may say. Call it the "bridge over troubled water" phase of my life. This is gonna be quite a long and bumpy journey but, as much as I am scared, I am looking forward to it. I take it as a blessing from God and I welcome every trials with open arms because I know He won't give it to me if He knows I can't overcome it. Plus, what is there to worry if God is always by your side. (Right Bro?)

Now, I have learned to enjoy and be grateful for whatever I currently have and do not. There is a reason for everything, right? So to all of you, live life one day at a time yet remember to make the most out of every moment! Cause we only live this life once - so do it right.
Quick note: learn to read the omens, they will lead you to your Personal Legend. **wink**


Whatever is that new chapter in your life, may you find absolute peace and joy!

Am here again Edz! Congratulations to you! You have been blessed the opportunity to be in that number one University in Nevada. And to have passed exams and entered Clinical Internship isn't that easy. You must that brainy! Good luck and God bless!

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