Pink-Slip Capitals in the U.S.

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There was a sad article today featured on Yahoo's homepage. They titled it "America's Pink-Slip Capitals." Now, if none of you has ever received a pink-slip before then good for you. For those who are not aware as to what this pink-slip means let me give you a hint that simply means - you're fired! Fired because you did something stupid while on the clock, fired because you've been late for the nth time in a year, fired because you're a lousy worker, or just fired because your company is laying off thousands of workers due to this current recession.

This is a global truth. Most businesses during this time of the year aren't doing so good. In fact a few have already filed for bankruptcy, closed, or slipping to that direction. The end results are what we witness around us; more houses foreclosed, debts gone unpaid, people unemployed, and more children not finishing school. In fact the unemployment rates in one of the most powerful countries has soared to probably it's highest record ever. (or will be soon if no solution is implemented) According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the first quarter of this year about 3,489 mass layoffs happened leaving 559,000 people jobless.

The picture is worsening and no clear solution is in sight. Even if some of us still have jobs, we can and will still feel the effects of this slowing economy and rising unemployment rates. We all live in one world and every single second, each deed of a single person affects our lives one way or another.

So today, Yahoo! Real Estate gave out the top 5 cities in the country that are greatly affected by the ongoing mass layoffs. The top 5 pink-slip capitals.

1. Detroit, Mich.
Mass Layoffs: 57
Workers Affected: 14,781

2. Chicago, Ill.
Mass Layoffs: 87
Workers Affected: 13,647

3. Los Angeles, Calif.
Mass Layoffs: 100
Workers Affected: 10,594

4. New York, N.Y.
Mass Layoffs: 61
Workers Affected: 8,688

5. Las Vegas, Nev.
Mass Layoffs: 55
Workers Affected: 8,367

Yes, unfortunately, my own city is part of the list.
I just hope and pray that the economy will start to pick up again then we can all raise our heads and say we made it through the crisis as one country.

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Let's just pray that this global financial crunch would be back to normal soon. Am glad you haven't got hold of the pink slip.

Have a happy Wednesday!

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