exhausting day

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after a really long and busy weekend..

after a day full of pressure and unexplainable emotions. after all the rounds of impromptu speeches. the day of corporate look!

after all the shopping. the back and forth journey to the fitting room. the make up. the smiles. the soreness of wearing high heels all day.

im back to my regular mondays. but this time i rode the bus to school. the very first monday i chose to take the bus and i made it to the stop before the bus even came.

i had my exam in anthropology and just studied today. few hours before the exam and i had to read two whole books! good thing luck was at my side that time. i think the exam wasn't that bad. better than what i had expected.

one down. 1 million more research papers to go! how am i going to finish all of them when instead of working on them i'm here encoding this. trying to gradually put into words my emotions and thoughts.

emotions? i think i might have to set it aside for now and just take some dosage of emo songs. sounds crazy? sounds like i'm making it worse? well, things can't get any worst. i just don't want it to end. i hate this feeling!

- one has to learn first how to be a member before he jumps to be a leader.

- a leader still has a lot to learn, even from his own members.

- being the leader may not always be the best way to organize things.

- in every situation, there will always be someone who opposes.

- the devil's advocate sure does have some issues.

- being sweet and caring may sometimes be unreciprocated.

- sometimes it's better to let things take their course.

i got a lot of things to say. but i don't wanna put them into words anymore. because it'll just hurt even more.
- seeing and being able to read the pain and the cause just scars.


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