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-something i recovered from my very first blog..
first posted last May 8, 2006... wow... nakakatawa.. ang labo ng sinulat ko..-



everything between us happened so fast.. we both didn't see it coming.. aminado kami na ang bilis ng mga pangyayari.. but we are happy.. i know i am and i know he is.. i can feel it.. everyone around us can see it..

we both know na aalis ako.. at first.. we were both hesitant to risk.. he was hesitant..cz he knw na aalis ako.. and ako rin.. i was afraid.. cz i have loved before but just got hurt..i said to myself na ayoko munang umibig.. tinanim ko sa isip ko na i am leaving.. someone was even courting me that time.. but kahit everyday niya pinapakita sakin how much he loves me.. hnd pa rin umubra.. hnd niya nakuha puso ko.. i felt ok.. very ordinary.. someone loves me pero d ko masuklian yung love that he was very willing to give me.. honestly, i felt dry.. i felt ang ordinary ng mga araw ko..

but one day.. napaka unexpected.. he entered my life.. hnd ko pa nga xa kilala pero binati nya ako.. sabi niya "hi crush!" woah!!!!!! i didn't expect that.. his friends didn't... (his friends and isang common friend namin ang naging witness namin..sa lahat..hehehe) and xa din.. he didn't expect na he'd admit to me dat time na crush niya ako.. naging constant ang communication namin.. i thought he would be just like any ordinary guy that came into my life..na ngpakita ng interes..but d ko kayang mahalin in return..pero hnd..he started to become one of my reasons for waking up each day..kahit wla xa sa tabi ko he could me make laugh when no one else could..my days started to become incomplete pag d ko xa nakikita..once, akala ko he would break what he said to me..naiyak ako..hnd ko alam why..siguro kac..mahal ko na xa nun..i did so many stupid things na i didn't expect na magagawa ko..all for him..grabe..foooooooooooorward.....

dey said..laging depende sa tao..love is a decision..and i decided to risk..to love him..i dnt knw why him..but i do know..dat i love him..and im willing to do everything just to see him again..just to be with him again..

i admit.. before.. at some point.. i got scared.. so scared to get hurt.. but he did and said some things that made me realize.. shocks! he does love me so much..

i know people think im still too young to know..i know we just met..we know we just met..we know that things happened so fast..but time doesn't matter..we both felt it..

im willing to fly half around the world.. that far from him.. cause i know that he is gonna wait.. i know he will be there when i get back.. i know that he is gonna follow me.. sounds crazy right? hehehe.. it does.. it does sound silly.. two lovers.. each halfway arnd the world.. so hopeful that someday they'll find each other back in each other's arms.. grabe..

i dont know if all the people will understand.. but i know.. everyone has loved..


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