simplicity of life

Posted by -edz- on 11:28 PM in
today.. is my brother's birthday and also the feast of immaculate concepcion.. and like the month of september, i also have a lot of friends celebrating their birthdays this month..

it's really late.. and i'm kinda tired of writing.. so i might just have to write in phrases instead of paragraphs.. am i still making sense? uhhh.. i hate this.. this is what it feels like when you're so exhausted and sad..

it's just so funny how we all get sooooooo sad over matters.. like the beauty around us aren't enough to make us feel thankful.. yet it only takes one small thing to make us happy and get rid of all those sadness..

a family is and will always be a family.. no matter how tough the road may seem they will always be there to help you overcome the obstacles you are facing and are still about to face.. no matter how messed up the day may be.. at the end of it, you still have your family waiting for you at home ready to cheer you up!

celebrating once birthday doesn't have to be that costly or grandeur.. having your family with you is more than enough..

being a kid is a gift.. let us not take that away from children and push them to grow up too fast.. because one can only be a child once but, for the rest of his life, he can grow up everyday and be more mature as time flies.. life for them is so simple yet full of love and happiness.. and grown-ups must know to learn from them..


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