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i have loads of pending writings here in my blog that i haven't uploaded yet.. my perfectionist side strikes from time to time that i have to look for the "perfect" words --if there are such-- and the right time to upload them.. and that leads me to eventually forget to check and to post them..

next time i will... im still so lazy.. and enjoying my winter break..

today is one of those days that i feel how God has blessed me so much.. and i just can't stop feeling so grateful..

i have friends.. i know i have some who are willing to stick with me through thick and thin.. i've been to different places already.. and it seems that every year i just pull myself away from them farther but they are still there.. ready to listen and to lend a shoulder..

i have my family.. who love me for who i am.. they accept my strengths and my weaknesses.. they helped me on those times that i failed.. and they supported me in all the decisions i made in my life.. i know that they will always be there for me.. no matter what.. and i will always be there for them too.. they will forever be one of my inspirations and my drive to do the things i want to do..

and one more thing why im so grateful and happy with my life..? is that one part that used to be empty.. and now it's here to complete my life..
i have someone really special who hasn't let me down ever since.. someone whom i trust so much when all the rest of the world told me to stay away.. he never let go.. and every time i think about it, all the more i get the courage to be better, stronger and fight.. funny as it may seem but even with the distance he was able to teach me to believe.. to never be afraid.. to trust.. and to find God again.. he has made me do things i never thought i'd do in this life..
and everyday.. he makes me thank God.. for all the blessings i have in this life.. and i'm grateful that He guided me to wait for the right time.. for the right person..

i am just so GRATEFUL GOD.. THANK YOU!


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