How jealous are you?

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You are 41.27% jealous!
For this test, the average jealousy percentage is 35.54%.597846 people have taken this test to date.

This percentage means that :
?You are not a jealous person, but sometimes can be.
?Occasionally, you over-react to situations.
?Most of the time, you trust the people around.
?Jealously will not be a major issue in relationships, but you might want to improve your self-esteem.


uhmm.. not too bad results for a jealousy test ei..?

Could this be True or not? Maybe? or Maybe not?
It's always nice to take tests like this one.. though I don't really believe that they are a hundred percent true or exact.. but at least with these, we get an idea of how far we've become as a person.. somehow, it may serve as an eye-opener..

so.. if you want.. take the jealousy test at:



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