Mother's Day Reminder

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Ding dong! Ding dong! Reminder!

If you have not realized yet, Mother’s Day is just a few hours from now! (Technically, as I’m writing this it’s 33 and a half hours from now.) So, the big question is – “Have you already prepared a present?”

I asked a friend this question a couple of hours ago and he said, “Yeah, a kiss!” Well, we all know a kiss isn’t bad for a gift, in fact we give that almost every day. But this is one special day for all mothers (or wives for some of you around the world and I personally think it is just but right to get our mothers (grandmothers and wives) something really special.

A simple card isn’t that expensive and hard to get. Or even a simple letter that contains your whole heart and gratitude for everything your mother has done for you. (Which by the way we all know is a lot. Our mothers have definitely done so many things for us going back to the very day they conceived us.) Of course you could always buy her a ticket for a concert or show or probably a trip to the saloon or spa center to get some relaxing time. Or you could start her morning by surprising her with some lovely flowers (which all women definitely love).

So here is a reminder guys, please grab something special and unique for your mothers/grandmothers/wives. This day only comes once a year so might as well make it really special and memorable. One wonderful day is more than enough for them. Then you could use the remaining days of the year to go back to your busy lives. *smiles*

So to all the MOTHERS/GRANDMOTHERS out there:


thanks for the reminder. had a wonderful time with my mom yesterday. ;)

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