Teen Burns Ex-boyfriend's House

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Just when you think breaking up with someone ends easily with that “breakup talk” that starts with the “We need to talk” line, think again. Most people think saying “it’s over”technically means it is over between you and your partner. However, this nineteen-year-old girl from Pennsylvania thinks otherwise.

May 22, 2008 – Thursday, Shanta Dargbeh from Bristol, PA set fire the residence of her ex-boyfriend in Hillcrest Avenue in Trenton, NJ. Although no one was injured in the incident, it unfortunately left 10 people homeless. Nine of them were home that early morning when the fire started on the home’s front porch. The family climbed through the windows to escape the burning house and save their lives. Two of them were treated for smoke inhalation.

Why it happened? Authorities reported that Dargbeh got furious and upset at hearing that her 17-year-old ex-boyfriend brought another girl to the Trenton High School prom the previous weekend. Hence, she burnt his house. (Talk about sweet revenge.)

Unfortunately, everything has a price. Just as Dargbeh’s ex-boyfriend’s house got burned, Dargbeh herself was arrested. Friday - May 23 - she was arrested by authorities and today faces 10 felony charges including aggravated arson. She is being held on a $250,000 bail. Yes, that’s definitely a lot of money and charges to pay for a case of rejection.

Now that has got me thinking whether that revenge was as sweet now as she thought it would be. Kids these days.


Elow Edz! ^_^ Hope you won't burn down my house for my "sala" hehehe. ^_^

I'm so sorry, I'm so ashamed for what happened. I added your link already. I didn't know why your link wasn't there. I was sure that I added it already.

A woman scorned is what it is...hahaha. Seriously, scorned or not she didn't have to burn other people's house.

Anyway, just passing by here to say hi...


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