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I’ve been so busy for the past couple of weeks that I haven’t checked out the latest news about the Philippines (even here in the U.S.). Today I heard from my mother that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo made her SONA (State Of the Nation Address). And of course the usual reaction from the Filipinos – rallies and oppositions. Since I was younger I always thought that all these rallies and oppositions all add up to the chaos that is already present in the country. I think that by doing so, the people are only making the situations worse.

Here’s what I think:

  1. Why put all the blame to Pres.GMA? I am not a big follower of the president not because I dislike her or what but because I am not a big Politics person. (You know what I mean.) I have faith in government and democracy but what made me lose faith in the system is the quality of people, in general, governing the nation.
  2. Where are the other officials elected to run the country? The senators? Congressmen? Governors? Mayors? And other representatives? They should take responsibilities for all their actions. They are all partly to be blamed for whatever it is that’s happening in the Philippines right now. Chaos? Disunity? The reason why the citizens behave in such manner is because their own leaders don’t have one voice. One group doesn’t believe in President Arroyo so they don’t show up during the SONA? What kind of leaders are they when they can’t even show some amount of respect to the country’s president? How can these leaders lead their citizens and bring some amount of hope and progress to the nation when they can’t even teach themselves some morals? Citizens, don’t put all the blame on the President, what are your locally elected officials doing to help you?
  3. Enough about the officials, now it’s your turn. What are you doing for your country? As former U.S. President John F. Kennedy said,“ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” So to those citizens who keep on complaining about their sufferings and the worsening economy of the Philippines, let me ask you – What have you done to help improve the state of your country? I guess nothing. Other than whining, complaining, and constantly putting the blame on other people – nothing. No wonder the country, as you said it, keeps on sinking further to the bottom. Stop complaining and do something!
The country, just like any other relationships, is a partnership between the people and their officials. Without cooperation the Philippines will definitely sink. There is still great hope for the country. If we all pause, look at the person beside us, and help each other stand up – we can all make it! We were once a nation who conquered the universe, we can still do it now. All we have to do is open our minds, listen to the other party, and unite. How difficult can that be? We made it before; therefore, we can do it again.

Photo from: http://www.zindamagazine.com/html/archives/2005/6.29.05/pix/unity.jpg

Please let me know what you think by commenting below. Thank you.


I totally agree! Why blame the president immediately? Haven't they heard of a thing as "Local Government Unit" Blame your own mayor for not fixing the roads or what ever.

Rallies don't do anything but paint a bad image for the country which affects the economy.

Well I wonder what PGMA was talking about in her SONA. I have no news about the Philippines at all. I don't have The Filipino Channel hehehe. The only news I hear in Canada are about the Olympics, US elections, and Canada news.

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