The Dark Knight

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There were a couple of great movies out last week so guess what I did? Went to the movies of course! And what movie set the record last weekend? Of course! There’s no other than – “The Dark Knight.” This movie created a big buzz months before it was released, I guess one obvious reason is the death of Heath Ledger who is playing the notorious Joker.

What can I say about the movie? Well, it was fantastic! (Either that or I just have a really poor taste when it comes to movies.) Why did I say that? Well, a lot of new aspects were added that helped make more sense out of the film and the Batman story as well. Each background music were set at exactly the right timing to prepare the audience and squeeze from them the right emotions needed to fully immerse themselves in the film. I think the plot was very well planned. One would think that the story ends as soon as the villain was captured but no. Every scene was something to look forward to. You really have to hold your breath until the end of the film. The visual effect was amazing too. Technology has indeed created a new and exciting world. All the actors did an amazing job in their acting as well. (No wonder there is a big buzz of Heath Ledger possibly winning an Oscars for his acting in the said film.) There are a lot of other good things in the movie but you just have to find it out for yourself. A number of memorable mind boggling lines are worth figuring out. Just remember that the film is literally not based on the concepts of DC comics. It is more than that. There are a couple of underlying themes that you have to uncover for yourself.

Some critics said this batman movie is quite a dark film. Perhaps it is. But one thing's for sure - “The Dark Knight” is a great and interesting film that is worth the watch.

Oh by the way, Christian Bale is pretty hot for a Batman who's claustrophobic.


i like this movie! though i had to watch it twice to fully understand it. lol. masyado kasi maaction and dark. im a batman fan i guess. ive watched all his movies and this is one of the best. joker is really good too.

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