Global Warming

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Okay okay. This post is not a lecture about "The Issue", okay? I'm not going to write about that.

I would just like to share my observation.
The other night, I was searching on the internet where I could watch for free the documentary "The 11th Hour." I needed to watch it to have a headstart for my next English class paper. Anyway, I know several sites that host movies and videos even before the certified dvd's are officially out. So I searched those sites, used several keywords and, unfortunately, failed. I could not find the movie anywhere. For whatever reason, I don't really know. However, I came up with an assumption. Could it be that people care less about this growing issue of global warming? I refuse to believe it though but what else can I think of when movies and shows from almost all countries (from GP to R and even X rated) could be found in those sites other than this one?

Well, I may be wrong with my assumption. I hope I am.
I would still want to believe that people in this world care about the issue of global warming and would want to help stop it. This earth is the only home that we humans have. She chose to help us survive these years of existence and probably it is time that we help her too.


Very impressive, Ms. Garcia :) your one smart woman.

I'm concerned about the environment, but I'm still a bit skeptical about global warming. Just my two cents.

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