Lost and Found

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Okay here I am again misusing my time. I got 28 minutes left before for my next class and, instead of studying, I searched for a computer lab to use a computer since all those in the library were taken already.

Now, what am I gonna write about? Nope, I'm not going to start writing my English paper on why the U.S. should withdraw from Iraq now nor my 10-page midterm paper for my Political Science class. Yes, that's right I haven't started writing both papers which are due next week on the same day with the exams. How am I gonna finish them ontime? Well, I don't know. *smile*

Well, as my hint says I was in the library earlier. I was in the same floor where I used to go everyday. And the floor where I lost my wallet - or should I say left my wallet. Yup! Last saturday I was there the whole afternoon "studying" while waiting for my next class. I had brought so many stuff that my back and shoulders were hurting already. So each time I go to the restroom I leave the rest of my stuff behind and just bring with me my cellphones and wallet. Unfortunately, when I was about to leave the building, I left my wallet in the restroom! It didn't occur to me to check my stuff since I was so caught up with reviewing for the test (talk about cramming queen).

(Okey. This is part two. I didn't get to finish the post 'cause I went to class already. I continued writing this a day after.)

Yeah. Out of stupidity and clumsiness I left my wallet in the restroom!! The next day, after mass, we went to Barnes and Nobles 'cause my sister wanted to buy a book. I presented to pay for it but when I searched my purse my wallet wasn't there. So I was trying to be positive and thought that I might have just left it at home. After we got home, I right away searched for it and in a way panicked when I couldn't find it. I told my family I probably lost it and my sister helped me out. No one helped me but her. What's funny was I shouted "Help me! (tabangi ko ninyo)" On why I said it was funny - I'll explain it in awhile. Anyway, I recalled the last time I saw it was when I was still in the library. I rushed to my room and got hold of the planner the university provided us and searched for the library's contact number. I was connected to the Security Office and got it confirmed - my wallet was there. I headed back downstairs and told my family I knew where I left it. I wanted to go back to school right then to get it but my dad insisted that we eat late lunch first. My mom was being her pessimistic self again and told my dad to drive me over there 'cause who knows it's probably just my wallet that's left and all the other stuff were taken. So we drove all the way back to the university which was.. don't ask me anymore how long. When I got there, I rushed to the library's security office, they looked at my wallet and checked for my ID card to confirm it's mine. They told me I was lucky since nothing was taken and the person who found it returned it. And when I personally checked my wallet, indeed, everything were there. I was so stupid too to put all my stuff in my wallet - my paycheck, my ID card, ATM, University and library card. Gosh! If that person had malicious intents she/he could probably had taken all the money I spent months working and saving. And thankfully she/he didn't.

Well, I can't really avoid but think of negative things since few days before that my cousin-in-law's purse was stolen. She went to mass and accidentaly left her purse in the car. And when she came back her windows were smashed up and her purse taken. In just split seconds, her credit cards were used for gas and her check to pay for car repair. It was only few days after that check was deposited, that the police knew who he was but then he had already fled from San Francisco to San Diego.

Well, anyway, back to me. To whoever that person is who returned my wallet, from the bottom of my heart "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" (That black wallet that was left in the girls restroom in the fourth floor of the UNLV Lied Library.) You are so kind and honest! God will surely bless you. Despite the fact that more and more people nowadays, because of poverty, do so many crazy stuff you remain a true servant of God. (Yes, there is widespread poverty here in the U.S. and life is also hard here.) I know I may never get to know and thank you in person but I hope you do know that you did save my life for returning that single wallet. I hope and pray that more people will be just like you. You're one of those that give the rest of the world hope that there is still kindness in this world that is worth fighting for. Thank you!

And to my cousin and his family, don't worry. Time will come that person will be captured and he will serve the punishment for his crime.

Now, later that day my Uncle told me that he got shocked. Why? Not 'cause I left my wallet. But because it was the very very first time that he heard me say "Help me." He never heard me ask help from anybody before. Because I've always depended on myself and only myself. And, of course, GOD.


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