(a past due post that i finally uploaded)

wow. today's October 31! not that I'm all excited or what, 'cause I'm not. In fact, I even feel anxious since I have a paper due this weekend. And again, I'm cramming.
Anyway, today's not one of those ordinary days here in the U.S. Why? Okay, obviously it's Halloween! And that means wearing costumes, pretending to be the character your playing, and - the most awaited part - Trick or Treating! Chocolates and candies! Of course I'm not speaking for myself here, okay? I'm speaking for my younger siblings who are all excited for their costumes. My youngest brother will be wearing a ninja costume with some other props. My other brother will be transforming his own karate uniform to look like a Jedi - of course he has his props too. And my little sister will be more like a fairy or princess. She will be wearing a gown, a wonderful butterfly mask, and will be bringing a pink butterfly wand. Well, before I reveal my own Halloween get up, notice how all my siblings planned on wearing something nice and "not scary" for this year's Trick or Treat? A ninja does not look horrifying at all nor does a Jedi and certainly not a fairy slash princess (I kinda refrain from identifying her costume as that of a fairy since she does not have wings.)

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret here. A few months ago, I turned to the other side. (scary laugh) Last year's Halloween, I chose to dressed up as a karate girl (my dream!!!). And this year, I planned on stretching my limits and finally have the courage to show my other side. I will be dressing up as a witch!!!

Finally, a dream come true! I'm a witch! Just kidding. Well, I'm not really kidding since I'm planning on dressing up as a witch. Oh by the way, don't tell I'm too old for Halloween and Trick or Treating 'cause believe me I would desperately want to just stay at home from work and finish up all my requirements for school (not to mention catch up on a lot of reading and research). Unfortunately, I have to go with my siblings and watch over them (well, collect some chocolates and candies for myself too. *laugh*).

Halloween is for everyone. That includes you and me, okay? All the children, the parents, the young, and the young at hearts. Halloween doesn't have any age requirements nor limits. Just enjoy! And remember why we celebrate it. Anyway, I may not finish this post since I have to prepare myself for Trick or Treating. Ciao!!
Oh by the way, don't party too much, don't drink and drink, and don't throw tomatoes at your neighbors just because they ran out of goodies.


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