Father's Day

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How did we spend our Father's Day?

Well, it was just like any other normal days. The rest of our relatives spent theirs' grilling barbeque and probably doing some karaoke. But then we're miles away from them. Here in Vegas it's only me and my family. Well, so far since we're still very new here. But though it was just the six of us it was a day worth remembering too. This weekend we bought our very first house here in the States. It was God's gift to us. The hunt took some time but it was very fun and it was a great activity for our whole family.

Anyway, the father's day started with us being our usual selves - slow moving since we slept late the past night and wanted to have more sleep since it was the weekend. Our mom prepared the table while the rest of us took turns getting ourselves ready for the day. When it was our mom's turn to take a bath she yelled that we did not greet our father yet. We all shouted "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!" pretending we forgot - when for a few minutes it did miss our minds. My sister rushed downstairs to make the letter I've been telling her all week long. Meanwhile I sat our present on the living room table. It was a musical card where we inserted 4 little bookmarks for our personal messages. When our dad came from upstairs we gave it to him and again greeted him.

After we left, we went to the office to clean up for awhile - talk about father's day huh? - then went to the church. There during the mass two babies were baptized and welcomed to the community. It was the first time I witnessed such adorable practice of baptism and the babies were all, one word - CUTE! They are like the babies we usually see on commercials that whatever face and mood they are in they will always look beautiful and angelic. No wonder babies are called God's gifts.

After the mass we went to our favorite Filipino restaurant to enjoy a very delicious lunch. Good thing we got there at that particular time because just a few minutes from the time we entered and got ourselves a table the place was jam-packed with people! It just proved that Filipino cuisine is one of the best there is (or that there are also a lot of Filipinos here in Vegas). We then went to the grocery and while shopping we couldn't prevent ourselves from having our usual food trip since we had all these food testers around. While my dad was doing his own grocery for our Laboratory's supplies I immediately bought the massager I've been searching through the Internet for weeks. And when we were about to leave I gave it to him. Though he already knew that I was planning to give him one (he caught me at another store checking out the massagers what else could he think when the only person at home that is so stressed out and needs a daily massage is him) I saw a smile on his face that he rarely give out these past few months. I knew he was touched and he was happy. And so was I.

After a while we headed to one of the Filipino grocery stores here (owned by Ping Lacson). As the rest of my family was shopping for sea foods I went to the sweets isle and picked up the ingredients needed for Halo-halo. They had no idea I was planning to buy and prepare each of them one. We couldn't last anymore hour outside because of the very warm temperature so we headed home. After unloading and setting aside all the groceries my kulit brothers wanted to try the massager for themselves. I took it from them and used it on my mom who couldn't stand the sun because she has migraine afterwards I used it to massage my dad to whom I bought it for. After a while I made each of them Halo-halo to help them freshen up from the very hot summer. Though I was really tired I took the effort of giving them their demands and the simple "Sarap!", "A+", and "Good job!" were more than enough payment and tip.


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