One Hour

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Two days ago, we talked for over 1 hour. Whew! It was hot standing outside the office just to be able to talk to you. But it was worth it. All those days that i felt and feared things won't turn out the way we want them to be were all washed away by that single hour. And even after that one hour we just couldn't get enough of each other.

During that phone call, we never really ran out of things to talk about. Sure there were seconds when I said nothing, not because we had nothing to talk about anymore but because I just wanted to listen to you. I wanted to feel you beside me even just through your voice. That conversation reminded me again of why I chose you among all the others.

I missed your voice. And my heart was to melt when I heard it again after what? 2 months? Whew! Who would have thought we'd reach this far. Despite all those uncertainty and doubt around us, here we are. holding on. Thank you.

I wish that one hour would turn into a day. And that day would turn into a week. Into a month. Into a year. Because I know we will always love to talk to each other. I know I do. Our differences has closed that gap between us. Those differences turned into similarities. You're not just someone who holds the key to my heart. You're my best friend too. And whatever happens tomorrow always know that by the end of each day I'm there for you and I will always be. No matter what. I know you won't get to read this. But I just want the world to know that I'm happy and it's because of you.


Nice to hear something about your love life edz.. hahaha Stay in love!

Yikeee!!! :)

Ka-happy sad sa story oi. Hala, Edz, go on loving. Keep going strong! :)

Stay in love, Fall in love,
and you know what's next.


Edz,lahi ra jud ka kong mainlove ba...hehehe...hoping that the right one at the right time...pinakaimportante epray na siya...hehehe

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